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Stair Lifts Colorado

Independently Yours Medical Supplies specializes in stair lift and platform lift installations in Colorado. Our local and family owned and operated business understands the difficulties that come with aging and injuries. One of them being the ability to go up and down the stairs. Whether you need help going up a couple of stairs in your garage with a wheelchair or scooter, or you have two flights of stairs in your home, our lifts from the industry leading manufactures will be able to get you from “A” to “B” safely, quickly and quietly. Our factory certified staff provides a free evaluation and estimate, efficiently and cleanly installs the lifts, and provides a lifetime service on all installed stair lifts and platform lifts.

Benefits of Using a Stair Lift:

– Stairlifts promote safe and easy travel up and down the stairs. Preventing risk of injury to both the person who needs the lift, and the caregiver.

– Easy to use, and promotes user independence. Enables people to use both floors of their house again.

– Stair lifts can be customized if needed to fit almost any staircase, straight or curved. (Our stair lifts are installed directly into the steps, eliminating any wall damage)

– Stairlifts fold up (11″ off the wall) to allow for extra walking space and landings when its not in use.

– Includes 2 wireless remotes, so that the stair lift can be operated without the person sitting in the chair. Enables you to bring the stairlift seat from the top or bottom floor to you.

Why Choose Independently Yours Medical Supplies for Your Stairlift?

Family Owned and Operated: Independently Yours is local and family owned and operated. Our staff is factory certified and experts regarding the machines and lifts that we install. We are not a large corporation with subbed out laborers and contractors. We treat your home as if it were ours while installing the stair lifts and platform lifts; ensuring there is no damage, installed cleanly, quietly and efficiently. Our customer service is our number one priority. Many times these kind of lifts are needed immediately. Our straight stair lifts (most popular) are stocked and can be installed within that same week.

Free In-Home Consultation: Our expert staff at Independently Yours Medical Supplies provides free in-home consultations and assessments for stair lifts. Deciding what kind of stair lift to get, whether or not it will fit your particular staircase, and how it will operate are all important issues that many potential stairlift customers are faced with. That is why, one of our owners (Bill) who is certified by Harmar, will come to your home to -valuate your staircase, and answer any questions you have regarding the type of stairlift, installation process, operation of the lift, warranty and services and pricing. Call us to schedule your free in home consultation today: 303-840-4444.

Harmar Stair Lifts: We stock and install Harmar Mobility Stair Lifts, a premier leader in the stair lift and platform lift industry. Rather then carrying a variety of brands and styles, making it complicated for you the customer. We carry the best, and specialize in it. We are certified for service and sales. We offer the Harmar Pinnacle SL600 Straight Stair Lift, and the Harmar Helix Curved Stair Lift. The Harmar Stair Lifts mount directly into the steps, preventing any wall damage and making installation quick and easy. The stair lift seat and armrests fold up, includes multiple safety sensons and takes only 11″ of space off the wall allowing ample space to walk up the stairs next to the lift. More importantly, the Harmar Stair Lifts do not require any maintenance on the track, chassis or electronics like many other brands do.

Lifetime Service: Harmar Mobility offers a 3 year warranty on components, 10 year warranty on the gear rack, and a 1 year warranty on the batteries. At Independently Yours, we offer a free lifetime service on all stairlift purchase from us. If there is a repair or service needed on your stair lift, we service it free of charge. The only cost to you, the customer, would be the price of the part needed if it was out of warranty. Many other manufacturers or companies will upsell you on a service contract, or wait for something to need repaired before mentioning their “service fee”. With us, its free. We are family owned and operated. One of our owners is the main stair lift installer, is trained and certified for Harmar Stair Lift installations and repairs.

colorado straight stair lift

Harmar Pinnacle Straight Stair Lift

– Narrowest stair lift in the industry – only 10.5” wide when footrest and seat are folded!

– Lightest unit on the market – entire system weighs only 180 lbs installed (including 16’ of track)

– Swivel seat at upper landing, for easy and safe, entry and exit

– Easy operating controls and indicator lights

– Patented helical worm gear drive system for extremely smooth ride

– Operable in a power outage – up to 60 trips!

– Comfortable seat with height adjustment

– Safety sensors will stop the lift if it meets an obstruction

– No greases or lubricants; easy to vacuum and keep clean

– 3-Year warranty on components, 10-Year on gear rack, 1-Year on batteries

– Easy, 1 person installation (Harmar recommends that all stair lifts are professionally installed)

Pinnacle Straight Stairlift Specificaitons

Pinnacle SL600 Stairlift Specifications

– Weight capacity350 lbs (160kg)

– Electrical requirements: 120-240 VAC

– Operation power: 24V DC Battery

– Travel distance: 16 ft is standard; lengths available up to 70 ft

– Speed: 20 FPM

– Incline limits: 32 – 52 degrees

– Drive system: Polymer Helical Worm Gear/worm-rack

– Motor output speed at rated load: 62 rpm

– Motor output torque at rated load: 18 lb ft

– Motor output amps at rated load:14 Amps

– Track (rail) type: Extruded aluminum

– Average return trips per charge: Up to 60

– Switchable arms (Left or right hand operation): Yes

– Need to open chassis to install or change sides: No

– Wireless Remotes: Includes 2 Wireless Remotes

Helix Curved Stair Lift

– Industry’s fastest lead times

– Designed specifically for your individual staircase

– True-Curve Rail. Smooth, precise bends and turns.

– Smooth, quiet ride

– Easy installation. Simple-connect rails, and lighter chassis.

– Full-fold armrests. Simplifies transfer from a wheelchair and reduces stowed width.

– Operable in a power outage – up to 60 trips!

– Comfortable seat with height adjustment

– Safety sensors will stop the lift if it meets an obstruction

– No greases or lubricants; easy to vacuum and keep clean. Rack and Pinion Gear Track.

– 3-Year warranty on components, 10-Year on gear rack, 1-Year on batteries

– Two Wireless remotes included

Helix Curved Stairlift Specifications

Helix Curved Stair Lift Specifications

– Maximum Weight Capacity: 350 lbs. (159 kg)
– Track (rail) Type: Steel, Powder Coated
– Travel: Up to 164’ (4m)
– Average Number of Return Trips per
– Charge: (varies with load, length)
– Control in Armrest: (left or right hand operation)
– Lift Mounts to Steps or Wall: Steps
– Minimum Folded Width: 16” (406 mm)
– Minimum Footrest Height: 5 ½” (140 mm)
– Clear Distance Between Armrests: 20.47”- 23.6” (520 – 600 mm)
– Floor to Seat Height: 25” (635 mm)
– Minimum Wall to Stair Side of Rail: 4.7” (120 mm)
– Seat 15” (381 mm) x 20.5” (520mm)
– Electrical Requirements: 100-240 VAC; 50/60 HZ
– Operation Power: 24V DC Battery
– Speed: 20 fpm
– Incline Limits 62˚ (1.6m)
– Drive System: Rack & Pinion Gear
– Safety Features: Direction Limit Switches
– Final Limit Switch
– Footrest Obstruction Switch
– Seat Swivel/Cut-off Switch
– Constant Pressure Controls
– Seat Belt
– Safety Edges
– Emergency Stop
– Safety Design Standards: Complies with ASME A18.1, CAN/CSA B44.1, ASME A17.5
– Warranty: 2-Year on Components, 1-Year on Batteries

harmar outdoor stair lift

Outdoor Stair Lift Specifications

– Header cover, internal chassis cover and a large weatherproof cover included

– Rocker controls with constant-pressure functionality stop the lift immediately if the control is released

– Mounts to the stairs (not the wall) on either side of staircase

– Operates on standard 115 VAC household current

– Extruded aluminum track is available in custom lengths

– Seat and footrest fold to save space

– Seat cushions in exterior marine grade vinyl

– Separate controls at top and bottom of stairs

– Upholstery Colors: Light Almond, Evergreen, Mocha

Harmar Outdoor Stairlift

Harmar Outdoor Stairlift Specifications

–  Maximum Weight Capacity: 350 lbs. (160 kg)
– Overspeed Governor: No
– Track (rail) Type: Extruded Aluminum
– Travel: 16’ Standard; 25’ Maximum (7.6 m)
– Average Number of Return Trips per Charge: (varies with load, length)
– Symmetrical Lift: (Ships and installs non handed) No
– Control in Armrest: (left or right hand operation) Yes
– Need to Open Chassis to Install or Change Sides: Yes
– Lift Mounts to Steps or Wall: Steps
– Minimum Folded Width: 14” (35.5 cm)
– Minimum Footrest Height: 4” (10 cm)
– Clear Distance Between Armrests: 19” (48.3 cm)
– Floor to Seat Height Low / High: 20” – 24” (50.8 cm – 61 cm)
– Minimum Wall to Stair Side of Rail: 10” (25.4 cm)
– Seat Depth: 14” (35.6 cm)
– Backrest Height From Top of Seat: 14” (35.5 cm)
– Electrical Requirements: 120 VAC 15A
– Operation Power: AC
– Speed: 20 fpm
– Incline Range: 30 – 45˚
– Drive System: Cable Drive
– Warranty: 3-Years on Components
– Safety Devices: Limit Switches; Final Limit Switch; Slack Cable Brake; w/ Switch Footrest Obstruction Switch; Swivel Seat; Cut-off Switch; Constant Pressure Controls; Seat Belt

passport vertical platform lift

Passport Vertical Platform Lift

The PASSPORT® Vertical Platform Lift takes safe access to the next level, providing a quiet, smooth ride to your next destination. This Vertical Platform Lift is used most commonly for individuals with limited mobility and is the perfect solution for any difficult pathway, porch, or platform. The PASSPORT features durable aluminum construction and is the lightest residential platform lift on the market, weighing an estimated 300 pounds lighter than comparable steel units.

Safety: Undercarriage Platform Safety Pan with obstruction detector takes less than 15 pounds of pressure to stop lift. The lift will still be operational in the upward direction, but the object or obstruction must be cleared to resume downward travel.

Control Box: Multi-positional with keyed operation. Also features continuous, large, low pressure, mushroom head control switches (including emergency stop) that are easy to use, regardless of motor skills.

Diagnostics: High-visibility LED indicator lights on the control box for easy troubleshooting and reduced service calls.

Universal Access: Self-actuating 24-inch entry ramp can be assembled on either end of the platform allowing access to the lift from either side. When the lift rises, the ramp folds upward to provide a safety measure, preventing accidental travel off the platform.

Lightest Platform Lift: The PASSPORT, known on the market as the lightest residential platform lift available, weighs in at less than 400 pounds.

Plug-N-Play Wiring Technology: The platform tower and gate are both prewired with automotive-style connectors that are waterproof and will not corrode. Our Plug-N-Play wiring technology makes the PASSPORT user-friendly, low-maintenance, and the preferred lift of technicians and installers.

DC Powered: The PASSPORT is fully DC powered. On battery power alone, the lift can complete approximately 30 complete cycles, even fully-loaded.

ETL Certified: The PASSPORT has been tested and approved by a national accredited testing laboratory, assuring continued compliance with the applicable regulatory and safety standards throughout North America. The ETL Certification Mark is recognized and accepted proof of third-party inspection, testing, and certification.

– Made in the USA. Two year warranty

Passport Vertical Platform Lift Specifications

Passport Vertical Platform Lift Specifications

Lifting Height:  52″

Weight Capacity: 750 lbs. 

Unit Weight: 376 lbs.

Platform Usable Size: 50.75″ x 36″

Warranty: 2 Years

Number of Passengers: Two (one occupant with mobility device, plus one caregiver). Not to exceed Maximum Rated Load

Main Drive Electrical: 24 VDC supplied by two 12 VDC-12 Ah sealed lead-acid batteries, 2 amp smart charger

Control Circuit Electrical: 12 VDC

AC Input: 120 VAC. .6 amps

AC Power Cord Length: 12 ft.

Primary Drive: 24 VDC worm drive; .58 hp; 28:1 reduction ratio; 96 rpm output speed rating

Final Drive: 1” diameter Hi-lead ® drive screw with bronze nut and bronze safety back-up nut

Drive Motor Control: 24 VDC reversing relay, 12 VDC control input, 30-amp auto reset circuit breaker

Braking: Worm drive gear motor

Standard Interface Controls: 12 VDC; separate, continuous, low pressure large mushroom-head control switches for “UP/DOWN”
operation; onboard LED indicator lights, including diagnostics for quick and easy reference; user adjustable
control box; keyed operation

Emergency Stop: Red, sealed, 1.5” diameter mushroom-head, push button

Platform Travel Speed: 10 ft/min

Number of Stops/Landings: Two stops (upper and lower landings)

Tower Construction: Welded aluminum extrusion

Carriage Construction: Welded aluminum, 1.9” (48.3 mm) MDS nylon 6/6 rollers, and UHMW polyethylene low friction buffers

Platform Construction: Welded aluminum, totally enclosed, removable aluminum framed side enclosures with coated steel filler

Under Platform Safety: Formed aluminum safety pan with obstruction detector, designed to stop lift upon contact with an obstacle.
Takes less than 15 lbs. (6.8 kg) of pressure to activate safety pan stop

Guard Ramp: Self-actuating 24” (610 mm)

Emergency Lowering: Manual hand-crank lowering capability

Limit Switches: Upper and lower primary and secondary limit switch triggering locations are adjustable via movable cams

Floor Attachment: Anchor-ready 6000 Series Aluminum

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