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Zoey CPAP Cleaner


Zoey CPAP Cleaner is the new, quiet, and small CPAP Cleaning Machine. Very simple and easy to use. Safely clean and sanitize your CPAP masks and tubes with the touch of a button. In-Stock.

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Zoey CPAP Cleaner

Meet Zoey, the new lightweight, compact, and easy to use CPAP cleaner. The ZOEY CPAP Cleaner is an extremely quiet and compact machine designed to clean your CPAP Facemask and Tube.

What Makes the ZOEY CPAP Cleaner Great

  • No Additional Adapters Needed (Unlike other top competitors)
  • No Soap or Water Needed to Clean
  • Quiet and Easy to Use
  • Simple, Color Coded Indicator Lights
  • Beep-Free Interface
  • Compact, and Significantly Smaller then Other CPAP Cleaners
  • Uses Activated Oxygen to Sanitizer
best quiet and small cpap cleaning machine

Other CPAP cleaning devices such as the “SoClean” require unique adapters, sold separately, to make the unit compatible to your CPAP machine.


What is the Zoey CPAP Cleaner?

Zoey is a new quiet, easy to CPAP cleaner for your mask, headgear and tubing.

Who is the Zoey CPAP Cleaner for?

The Zoey can benefit Everyone using a CPAP mask, headgear, and tubing.

What makes the Zoey so easy to use?

Zoey cleans with the press of a button and colored lights. You won’t need to worry about a confusing interface or lengthy setup

How quick does the Zoey CPAP Cleaner work?

Zoey takes 20 minutes to clean, and 1 hour and 40 minutes to convert ozone back to oxygen. The entire process takes under 2 hours.

How does the Zoey clean without water, soap, or chemicals?

Zoey cleans using activated oxygen, or ozone, which makes cleaning mess-free.

Will the Zoey CPAP cleaning machine make a lot of noise?

No. Zoey is extremely quiet and operates at approximately 50 db.

How big is the Zoey compared to other CPAP cleaning machines?

Zoey has a small footprint and takes up less space than the leading CPAP cleaner. Zoey’s footprint is 9 ¼ by 5 ½ inches, and it’s about 5 ¼ inches high. Zoey weighs 2 lbs and 12 oz.

How long does the Zoey CPAP Cleaner last? Is there a warranty?

Zoey is warrantied for 2 years. However, the unit should last for at least 5 years according to our testing.

Zoey CPAP Cleaner – How to Videos

Zoey - How it Works

Zoey - Whats in the Box

Zoey - Setting it Up

Zoey - CPAP Mask Cleaning

Zoey includes the following parts:

Injection tube with check valve
Zoey’s injection tube includes a check valve that traps condensation in the line to keep water from damaging your equipment.

Zoey’s filter protects you and your household from activated oxygen.

Power adapter
Zoey’s power adapter is a standard two-prong power brick with a 46-inch cord. 100-240V.

When compared to the “SoClean2” cpap cleaning machine, the Zoey is less expensive, quieter, easy to use, and requires no additional parts for CPAP compatibility.

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