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Washable Facemasks


Washable Facemasks are Made in America. Durable, 2 Layer Poly Cotton-Lycra Fabric outer layer material with and anti-bacterial inner liner. Stretchy and comfortable to cover your nose, mouth, cheeks and face. Sizes small, medium and large, x-large


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Washable Facemask

Our Washable Facemask are made in America. Engineered personal facial defense that ensures coverage of nose and mouth down to bottom of chin. The Washable Facemaks are durable, made with a thick, dense and 2 layer Poly Cotton-Lycra material outer layer with an anti-bacterial inner liner. Designed for repeated use and can be washed repetitively. Economical and non-disposable.

Washable Facemask Features

  • Engineered to Fit: Mask wraps around your face to fit perfectly, protecting your most vulnerable parts to ensure a significant barrier of transmission
  • Durable and Stretchy: The loose fit around the ears comfortably without irritation or discomfort as a result of the stretchy, polyester material
  • Maximum Coverage: A facial barrier that protects where its needed most and more.
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

 Washable Facemask Benefits

  • Prohibits the user from touching their nose our mouth directly with their hands
  • Our facemasks have an antibacterial inner lining designed to withstand multiple washes
  • Additional side pockets allow you the ability to add anti-transmission material for added health safety and peace of mind (gauze, filters, etc)
  • Ultra heat treated premium thick and durable polyester fabric. Enables it for reuse and washing
washable facemask sizing chart

Facemask Cleaning Instructions

For cleaning, I suggest bring water to a boil. Then add 1tsp Hydrogen Peroxide and 1tsp Baking Soda, then add masks and stir for about 3 min, rinse and hang to dry or you can always throw them into the washer/dryer.

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Small, Medium, Large



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