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Purewick Urine Colleciton System for Women


The Purewick urine collection system for women is an external catheter suction system designed to help manage urinary incontinence and keep the skin dry.


Purewick Urine Collection System for Women

The Purewick urine collection system for women is a non-invasive way to manage urinary incontinence in women. Designed to keep the skin dry and protect falls on the way to the bathroom, the Purewick draws urine away from the body with its suction system into a sealed cannister. The external female catheter is soft, flexible and non-invasive allowing you to use it while laying down or seated in your bed. The Purewick urine collection system helps keep you dry while in bed without the need for diapers, underpads and other incontinence supplies.

  • The PureWick™ System Female External Catheter is made of soft, flexible material. It’s positioned outside the body between the labia and buttocks.
  • The PureWick System draws urine away from the PureWick Female External Catheter into a sealed collection canister. It fits on a nightstand or small end table.
  • It’s designed to be used in a reclined position, lying on your side, or while seated.

What is Included with Purewick Urine Collection System

  • Suction system unit with power supply cord
  • 2,000 ml sealed cannister with discreet covering shield and lid
  • All necessary suction tubing and connectors
  • * External catheters are sold separate from machine

How to Set Up Purewick External Catheter System

  1.  Plug power cord into device outlet and into the A/C power outlet. Note: Make sure the power switch is turned off.
  2.  Place collection canister in the base and press down firmly on the lid of the device making sure lid is sealed.
  3.  Optional: Slip privacy cover onto the canister prior to placing canister into base.
  4.  Attach pump tubing (short tube) to the PureWick™ Urine Collection System connector port and the connector port on collection canister lid.
  5.  Attach the elbow connector to the collector tubing (long tube) and connect elbow connector to the connector port on collection canister lid.
  6.  Connect other end of collector tubing (long tube) to a PureWick™ External Catheter.

Purewick Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is a good candidate for the PUREWICK Female External Catheter?

A. Patient requiring urine output monitoring but does not meet indications for indwelling Foley catheterization

  • Urinary incontinence and/or frequent urination
  • Difficulty walking from bed or chair to toilet
  • Difficulty using a bedpan
  • Post-surgical or procedure immobility
  • Skin injury or irritation related to urinary incontinence or diapers
  • Bedrest orders

Q. Can the PUREWICK Female External Catheter be used when the patient is on her side or sitting in a chair?

Yes, the PUREWICK Catheter may be used when the patient is lying or reclining on her back or side, as well as when seated in a chair. Care must be taken to ensure that the product is not positioned beneath the coccyx.

Q. Can we turn a patient who is using the PUREWICK Female External Catheter?

Yes, remove the device before turning the patient. After repositioning the patient, examine the perineum then properly position the product back into place. If lying on her side, lift the patient’s leg before removing or repositioning the product.

Q. Can patients wear underwear?

Yes, patients can wear underwear. In fact, netted or mesh underwear may help secure the product, especially with very thin or frail patients.

Q. What if a patient has loose bowel movements?

A stool management system may be used in conjunction with the PUREWICK Female External Catheter to help keep the patient clean and dry. Clean the perineum after each loose bowel movement and replace product if soiled.

Q. Does the suction hold the PUREWICK Female External Catheter in place?

No, the PUREWICK Female External Catheter is held in place by the labia and gluteus. The suction is not felt by the patient

Q. What if the PUREWICK Female External Catheter leaks?

Accurate positioning is key to preventing leaks. Place the PUREWICK Female External Catheter snugly against the perineum, aligning the top of white gauze against the pubic bone. The urethra should be aligned approximately 1/3 of the way down the length of the product. Tuck the end of the Female External PureWick Catheter between the gluteal muscles. After confirming proper positioning, check wall vacuum function.

Q. Is it latex-free?

No, it is not not latex-free. It contains latex.

Precautions for Purewick Urine Collection System:

  • Not recommended for patients who are:
    • Agitated, combative, or uncooperative and might remove the PureWick Catheter
    • Having frequent episodes of bowel incontinence without a fecal management system in place
    • Experiencing skin irritation or breakdown at the site
    • Experiencing moderate/heavy menstruation and cannot use a tampon
  • Do not use a barrier cream on the perineum when using the PureWick Catheter. Barrier cream may impede suction.
  • Contains dry natural rubber. Not recommended for use on patients with a known latex allergy.
  • Proceed with caution in patients who have undergone recent surgery of the external urogenital tract.
  • Always assess skin for compromise and perform perineal care prior to placement of a new PureWick Female External Catheter.
  • Maintain suction until the PureWick External Catheter is fully removed from the patient to avoid urine backflow

Contraindications: Patients with urinary retention


  • Do not use the PureWick External Catheter with a bedpan or any material that does not allow for sufficient airflow
  • To avoid potential skin injury, never push or pull the PureWick External Catheter against the skin during placement or removal
  • Never insert the PureWick Female Catheter into vagina, anal canal, or other body cavities
  • Discontinue use if an allergic reaction occurs
  • After use, this product may be a potential biohazard. Dispose of in accordance with applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations.

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