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Phoenix Rise Up Walker


The Phoenix Rise Up Walker by Nova is the ultimate standing, upright rollator. Available in 3 vibrant colors: Purple, Blue, and Red. Features large, 10″ front wheels, contoured armrests, and easy to use feather touch brakes.

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Phoenix Rise Up Walker

Regain your mobility and independence with the Phoenix Rise Up Walker by Nova. The Phoenix Rise Up Rollator enables people to “Rise Up”, “Stand Tall”, and “Look Forward” as they walk. Experience optimal control, increased stability, reduced body fatigue, and new muscle activation. The Rise Up Rollator promotes proper upright posture while walking, featuring it’s height adjustable, contoured padded armrests, and open clearance behind the seat for walking. Unlike other upwalkers, the Phoenix Rise Up Rollator features open clearance behind the seat, allowing for a natural walking gait & stride.

Experience a smooth and stable walk, as the 10″ front wheels allow you to safely go over doorway thresholds, sidewalk cracks, and other uneven surfaces. As you’ve come to experience with all of Nova’s rolling walkers, the Phoenix Rise Up Walker has feather touch, easy to use and lock hand brakes.

Nova Phoenix Rise Up Walker Comes in 3 Vibrant Color Choices: Red, Blue, and Purple

Phoenix Rise Up Rollator Features


• Contoured, padded armrests
• Locking hand brakes
• Quick-Adjust button for handle height
• 10″ front wheels & 8″ rear wheels
• Large padded sling seat
• Handles to hold while seated and provide assist support to stand
• Padded backrest with built-in cable holder
• Removable front pouch with zipper closure
• Attached cane holder

Nova Rise Up Rollator Specifications:

• 300 lb weight capacity
• 20.5 lb overall weight
• Approximate user height:  5’2″ – 6.0″
• Handle height adjustment:  48.75″ – 52.75″
• Width between handles:  19″
• Seat height 21.5″
• Overall dimensions:  25″w x 33″d x 53.25″h
• Overall folded dimensions:  12″w x 33″d x 53.25″h
• Seat dimensions:  18″w x 9″d

Phoenix Rise Up Walker is Lightweight & Folds Up Easily

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Red, Blue, Purple

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