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KN95 Face Mask Disposable


KN95 Face Masks Disposable are in stock at all 3 Colorado store locations. >95% Filtration Efficiency with 4- layer filter protection against Haze, Bacteria, Droplets and PM2.5. (Non medical grade) Sold and packaged individually.

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KN95 Face Mask Disposable

Independently Yours Medical Supply stores in Colorado now have KN95 Disposable Face Masks in stock. The KN95 Face Masks have 4 filtration layers to protect against PM2.5, Haze, Bacteria and Droplets. The disposable KN95 face masks feature a metal pinch clip on the bridge of the nose to provide a snug and secure fit for maximum protection. Masks are packaged and sold individually.

KN95 Face Mask Features:

  • >95% Filtration Efficiency
  • 4 – Layer Filtration Constrcuction: Protects against Haze, Bacteria, Droplets and PM2.5
  • Metal nose clip for secure fit
  • Easy to breath
  • *non medical grade
  • Disposable

KN95 Face Masks are in stock and available for purchase at Independently Yours Medical Supply Stores located in Parker, Littleton, and Louisville, Colorado or online

KN95 Face Mask Application:

  • Suitable for adults’ daily travel protection, not suitable for gas environment use. This product cannot be replaced with gas masks and medical masks
  • This protective mask cannot generate oxygen and should not be used in hypoxic
  • It’s better not to use the product if the air is not flowing, breathing is not smooth, or during sleep
  • Please use it correctly to avoid serious consequences caused by improper use
  • Masks are disposable and should not be washed

KN95 Warning Tips:

  • This product is a disposable mask which can be replaced according to weather conditions
  • When feeling breathing resistance is significantly increased, or when the mask is dirty or damaged, it should be replaced in time.
  • This product should not be shared with others


Please Check the Air Tightness After Wearing the Mask and make sure no air is leaking from the side edges. Adjust and tighten for a snug fit.

kn95 face mask with 4 layer filter protection

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