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Clean Shield Elevated Toilet Seat


Clean Shield Elevated Toilet Seat. 1,000 lb Weight Capacity with Removable Arms. 3″ Rise. Stylish, Easy to Clean and Flip Up Toilet Seat Included. Easily and securely bolts to your toilet. Top rated and highest quality elevated toilet seat, designed for long term use and maximum support getting on and off of the toilet.

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Bemis Clean Shield Elevated Toilet Seat

The Bemis Clean Shield Elevated Toilet Seat is perfect for those needing help getting on or off of the toilet, and are looking for a longer term solution. The CleanShield boasts a smooth, shiny, residential appearance that is stylish and easy to clean. The CleanShield Toilet Seat sits on a 3″ rise pillar and easily flips up to make cleaning easy.

Designed to fit STANDARD or ROUND toilet seats. Bolts securely onto the back of your toilet. Features 1,000 lb weight capacity. Removable arms are available.

  • PREVENT FALLS: Seat fully secured, will not wiggle or loosen
  • APPEARANCE: Great looking residential seat that is elevated 3″
  • SIZE: Available in Round & Elongated
  • WEIGHT LIMIT: None… tested to 1,000 pounds
  • SUPPORT ARMS: Available separately… add to seat now or later


The innovative “reverse funnel” shield design keeps everything in the bowl. The design of the shield “avoids” contact with waste and the discrete styling of the seat “hides” the shield. When needed, the glossy surface is easy to clean.

Heavy Duty Bolt on Elevated Toilet Seat

A secure seat is very important to anyone who needs an elevated toilet seat. Clean Shield has been tested to 1,000 pounds and passes with no issues. Regardless of who you are, our seat will accommodate you safely and comfortably.

The Clean Shield elevated toilet seat has a high-end, residential appearance that blends into your bathroom. The 3 inch elevation is virtually unnoticed. The cover provides proper closure when not in use and the smooth, glossy surface matches the ceramic.

CleanShield Support Arms (Removable)

Tested to 350 pounds, each side, the Support Arms are weight bearing and will fully support you when sitting or standing. Add to your seat now, or later when you need additional assistance. Perfect for assisting individuals getting on or off of the toilet.

Snap 2 Secure – Safe, Secure, & Locking

Elevated seats must be secure to be safe. The patented Snap 2 Secure installation system prevents your Clean Shield seat from wiggling or loosening . . . ever! Easy to install, wrench included.

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Round – With Arms, Round – No Arms, Elongated – With Arms, Elongated – No Arms

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