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Inogen At Home Oxygen Concentrator


The Inogen At Home Oxygen Concentrator is the quiet, lightweight and easy to use home oxygen machine you have been looking for. Weighing only 18 lbs, this home oxygen concentrator will provide up to 5 liters per minute of continuous oxygen 24/7, while remaining quiet and energy efficient.


Inogen At Home Oxygen Concentrator

The new Inogen At Home Oxygen Concentrator is one of the lightest and most energy-efficient 5 liter per minute continuous flow oxygen concentrators on the market today. Weighing only 18 pounds, it is half the weight of some other home oxygen concentrators in use today. Additionally, the Inogen At Home runs at very low power consumption levels – which can save you money in electricity costs and can also pay for itself over the long term.

The Inogen At Home is the best Oxygen machine and concentrator for in home use. With an energy efficient system and enhanced design, it still keeps your electric bills low even when running 24/7.  At Flow Setting 2, the Inogen At Home uses just 100W of energy, which is the same as a standard 100W light bulb. Enjoy the energy efficiency of the best oxygen machine for home and breathe better today with the Inogen At Home oxygen concentrator. The lightweight Inogen Home unit is signficantly quieter then its competitors, allowing you to move it throughout the house or keep it in the same room as you without being bothered by an overwhelming noise while receiving up to 5 liters per minute of continuous oxygen.

Inogen At Home Concentrator Specifications


18 lbs


7 × 13 × 16.5 in

Oxygen Flow

Continuous Flow

Five flow settings from 1-5 liters per minute

Power Settings:

AC Power Supply, 100-240V, 275W, 50-60Hz

Only 100W on Flow Setting 2

(auto sensing to allow worldwide use)


Concentrator: 3 Years or Lifetime

Concentrator Sieve Beds and Accessories: 1 year

See Limited Warranty Statement for details.


Designed for stationary use

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