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shower chairs and bath seats what to buy

Shower Chairs and Bath Seats: What to Buy

Shower Chairs and Bath Seats: What to Buy

What is a Shower Chair:

A shower chair or bath seat is designed to be used in bathtubs or showers to make bathing easier and safer. Shower chairs should be both rust resistant, sturdy, and have rubber non slip (or suction) grips on the feet. Bath seats are ideal for people who cannot stand or if trouble standing while they shower. Shower chairs allow people to bathe independently and care for themselves without risking additional injuries or accidents. These tub seats not only help the person that is bathing, but also the caregiver. The caregiver no longer risks the injury of straining themselves or injuring the person in need, as they can safely sit on the bath seat. A bath seat with arms and a back will allow the user to get up with the less stress and assistance from the caregiver. Shower chairs are also referred to as: bath seats, shower seats, tub chairs, and shower benches.

What Shower Chair is Best for You:

bath seat without back

A shower chair without arms or a back is perfect for someone who has good back strength and above average balancing ability while sitting.  Most standard bath seats without arms and back will feature hand hole cutouts to allow for something to hold onto. This type of shower seat allows the person to conserve energy while bathing independently and safely by reducing the risk of falling. Our standard bath seat without arms and back features a non-slip seating surfaces, along with drainage holes in the seat, and rubber non-slip feet. This type of shower chair is also height adjustable making it usable for nearly people of all heights, and fits all standard showers and bath tubs.

bath safety

A shower chair with a full back is great for people who do not have a ton of back strength and need something to lean against. Having the chair back on your bath seat allows for better balance and safety. It also significantly reduces the risk of falls, particularly backwards. Bath seats that include a back rest and arms are considered the safest and recommended bath seat. The arm rests cause less strain on the body while getting up and down. The arms provide an added sense of safety and security as it prevents people from falling out of the bath seat sideways. Arms on a bath chair in the shower or bathtub also give the user something stable to grab on to in addition to a grab bar or tub rail. A shower seat with just arm rests and no back can also be purchased for those with a strong core but just need assistance getting up and down while in the shower. If you have poor sitting ability, difficulty balancing, or need the arm support when standing, a shower chair with arms is the better choice for you.

What to Look for in a Bath Seat:

A shower chair or bath seat is of no use if it does not fit properly in your desired shower or bath tub. It is vital that all four legs and feet of the bath seat fit flush on the floor of the tub or shower, and not against the angled sides of the bathtub walls. A bath seat performs its intended function and is its safest when the legs are flat against the floor. Almost all standard shower seats will fit a standard bath tub or walk in shower. There are occasions where an older bathroom may have a smaller shower, or a large stand alone garden tub. It is always recommended to measure the width between walls of the shower or bathtub before purchasing and bath seat to avoid any potential confusion with a return. A bath chair or shower stool that is height adjustable is always preferred so that the user can have a chair to fit their individual height and preference for optimal comfort and safety. Most bath safety seats and shower chairs will feature drainage holes on the seat to prevent puddling and causing a slipping hazard. It is always recommended to check for that feature, as well as rubber non-slip feet. Standard bath seats will range between a weight capacity of 250 lbs – 300 lbs. but there are additional options available up to 400 lbs.

Top Bath Safety Accessory Suggestions:

Deluxe Hand Held Shower 

deluxe hand held shower set

The Deluxe Hand Held Shower Set has an extra long 84″ reinforced hose allows user to shower while seated. Features 5 Settings: Regular/Shower Spray/Massage/Water Drip/Shower and Stop.





Bath Seat Cushion

blue bath seat cushion

The Bath Seat Cushion helps to make life better, especially in the bath. It adds comfort while bathing and fits all standard size bath benches.





Bath Mat 

Bath Mat white

The Bath Mat has a suction grip that allows it to attach securely to a tub’s surface and helps prevent slipping. The bath mat is anti-fungal treated and is 16″ x 28″.

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