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Lift Chairs

Lift chairs make it easy to go from sitting to standing and vice versa. They are most useful to those with arthritis, recovering from surgery, neurological conditions, and mobility limitations. A lift chair is designed to allow someone to get out of their bed or chair without assistance by lifting them out at the push of a button.

Some of the benefits of using a lift chair include the following:

  • Reduced injury symptoms
  • Gained independence
  • Promoted healing
  • Facilitated transfers to wheelchairs

Types of Lift Chairs

Lift chairs help provide those who are normally unable to do an everyday task with a sense of self-sufficiency. However, the provisions of a lift chair don’t stop there. Different types of lift chairs have unique features. There are also clear distinctions between economy and luxury lift chairs.

There are three main categories to choose from:

  • Two-Position: These chairs typically recline up to 45 degrees, making it more comfortable to watch TV or read.
  • Three-Position: If you need a recliner that will provide you with a more relaxed and reclined position, this may be the right choice for you. It has a wider range of recline than that of a two-position. This is perfect for several at home activities such as watching TV or napping.
  • Infinite Lift Chairs: These lift chairs fully recline. You can use them to lie fully flat or in any position in between that and standing upright. These chairs are great for someone who also needs a comfortable place to sleep and stay mobile. You may have also heard of these as being referred to as zero-gravity chairs. They are nearly identical, but zero gravity chairs lift the footrest above your head. This is known as the Trendelenburg position, which helps those with neck and back pain find relief.

Lift Chair Features

There are many features to consider when shopping around for the right lift chair for you or your loved one. Here are some important considerations for your search.

  • Backrests: Backrest types include split back, button back and pillow back options. This mainly affects the appearance of your lift chair. With so many options you’re able to choose what best complements your style. However, you might want to consider the firmness of each backrest to ensure that the one you choose meets your comfort needs. In general, button backs are the firmest and pillow backs are the plushest.
  • Size: Lift chairs come in a variety of sizes. There are even specially designed chairs for petite and tall users. Most lift chairs should have specifications that help you determine which size is best for you. With that, different lift chair sizes and lift chairs in general have varying weight limitations.
  • Additional Features: Luxury lift chairs may include features such as massage options, position programming, and heat. The programming options are great for your preferred position when taking a nap or watching television.

Picking a Lift Chair

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of Lift Chairs, you should be better equipped to make the right choice. For some price is a deciding factor. While you need to shop around to figure out prices in your area, two-position chairs are often the most affordable. Meanwhile, three-position chairs may cost extra. Infinite lift chairs are the priciest but provide you with luxurious features such as high-end upholstery and lots of bells and whistles to make your sitting and reclining cozy and rewarding. Choose a lift chair in your price range with the features and functionality that are most valuable to you!



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