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Pride Scooters and Power Chairs

Today’s seniors are now more active then ever before. They also happen to be living a lot longer then they have before. As they continue to age and desire to remain active either with their friends and family, or even on their own, mobility issues from either illness or old age can often be a factor. One of the many mobility aids that are available to increase independence, mobility, and security are power chairs and power scooters. Pride Power Scooters and Chairs have seen a growing demand as they are now sleek in style, comfortable and easy to transport. A common myth is that these mobility items are just for people who cannot walk or are wheelchair bound. That is false. Most scooter purchases are made for or by people who are capable of walking short distances but would like something to help them travel long distances independently and pain free. A popular concern for both seniors and their family when purchasing or researching power chairs or mobility scooters are: “how will I get this in my car” or “do they come apart or fold down.” With advancements in technology, Pride’s Go-Chair and Traveler Power Scooter easily disassemble into 4 pieces, making them easy to transport, put in the car or take with you.

Power Chair vs Power Scooter:

Power Chairs and Power Scooters serve different purposes for people besides their obvious distinction in appearance. Power Scooters are often the first step or purchase in electric mobility equipment, as the person or patient is still capable of walking short distances and getting around, but long distances are too tiring or difficult. The mobility or power scooters provide a safe and secure way of traveling longer distances in style and independent. Prides power scooters travel at least 4 mph and are available in either a 3 wheel or 4 wheel design depending on each users preference. With an adjustable tiller and an easy to maneuver driving control system and steering, the Pride Mobility Scooter offers independence and safety when you need it. With the tiller and steering located in front of the driver, it provides added safety and something for the user to hold onto. Most scooters include a storage basket in front and underneath the seat.

Power Chairs have seen a growing trend in people who have a bit more difficulty walking and getting around. Power Chairs are ideal for people who are already using a wheelchair or transport chair but would like the independence to travel on their own without relying on someone to push them all the time. Power chairs also feature a more comparable design to a wheelchair then a scooter, making it an easier transition. One of the major differences between power chairs and mobility scooters is the steering or driving mechanism. Instead of having a tiller with a forward and reverse lever in front of you like on a scooter, the Pride Power Chairs feature a joystick like design that attaches to either armrest, with an adjustable speed control, battery charge gauge and a horn button. This allows for driving with only one are or wrist, and reduces the range of motion needed.  The biggest advantage of using a Pride Power Chair, is the tight turning radius. You are able to turn in a complete circle without leaving your original starting spot, making it extremely easy to navigate hallways and bathrooms in both regular homes and living facilities.

Symptoms & Signs to Consider Power Mobility Items:

-Decrease in strength or function

-Increased pain

-Decreased mobility

-Weight gain or loss that makes getting around difficult

-Reduced physical activity

-Skin sores

-Posture problems


-Aging of primary caregivers

Pride Power Scooters and Power Chair Models:

pride go-chair

Pride Go-Chair: The Pride Go Chair has been re-engineered to now easily come apart into 4 separate pieces, making transportation extremely convenient. The heaviest piece is only 35 lbs, making it more than manageable to pick up and put in the trunk or back seat of your car. The Go-Chair features a 300 lb weight capacity, and travels up to 8.74 miles on a full charge, with a top speed of 3.7 mph. The longer wheelbase and wider stance allow for increased agility and a compact turning radius. The armrests are adjustable in height and width to maximize comfort and safety. Available in 6 different colors. Click here to view them.




jazzy select 6

Jazzy Select 6 Power Chair: The Jazzy Select 6 features a sporty design with advanced performance features making it ideal for outdoor travel and adventures. The Select 6 includes a patented Active-Trac Suspension with 6 wheels, including a centerwheel drive train allowing for superior performance and tight turning radius. With the patented suspension package and additional wheels, you can now ride with added stability and balance making it the ideal power chair and mobility item for outdoor traveling, trips and experiences. Travels up to 15 miles on a full charge at a top speed of 4 mph, with a 300 lb weight capacity.



jazzy air powerchair amber

Jazzy Air: The Jazzy Air elevates the primary standing height position up 10 inches in just 16 seconds, providing quick and easy access to countertops, table tops, cabinetry and shelving. What makes the Jazzy Air really stand out is that even while elevated at about 10 inches above normal seating height, the Pride Jazzy Air safely drives at speeds up to 3.5 mph, allowing you to talk face to face or at the same height as your friends. Easily elevates with the touch of a button or joystick. Available in a captain seat that has 3 reclining positions and widths ranging from 16″, 18″, 20″ or 22″. Travels up to 18 miles on a full charge, with bright LED lights. Available in 9 vibrant colors. Click here to view them.




pride go-go elite traveler scooter

Go-Go Elite Traveler: The Go-Go Traveler has a compact design that makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces, while still being able to perform outdoors well. Features a 300 lb weight capacity, top speed of 4 mph and a travels up to 7.2 miles on a full charge. Available in a 3 wheel or 4 wheel design depending on users preference and comfort. Easily disassembles into 4 pieces, weighing no more then 33 lbs, making it easy to pack in the trunk or back seat of your car. Includes interchangeable red or blue shrouds.




pride pursuit xl

Pride Pursuit XL: The Pursuit XL blends power and precision with a 24 volt DC motor, full suspension and a 13″ low profile tires and a hydraulic sealed brake system. The luxury of mobility and power scooters, the Pursuit XL by Pride has a deluxe reclining high back seat with headrest and sliders. There is a full lighting package that includes directional signals, and a lower headlight. The hydraulic handbrake allows you to stop on a dime, and have precision steering with a wraparound delta tiller.



Independently Yours Medical Supplies carries a variety of Pride Scooters and Power Chairs in our retail medical supply store. Our customers are able to come in and test them out and see what style suits them best. Our staff provides in depth knowledge on the Pride Power Chairs and Mobility Scooters, and demonstrates how they operate and disassemble. Independently Yours serves the Colorado region, offering free local delivery on power scooter or power chair purchases. Locations include: Parker, Aurora, Elizabeth, Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock and Denver. We also deliver to Lakewood, Golden, Boulder, Westminster, Broomfield, Erie, Superior, Lafayette, Monument, Colorado Springs, Brighton, and Thornton, but there is an additional delivery fee of $40.

Watch the Brand Go-Go Sport Scooter

Watch the Compact and Easy to Transport Pride Go Chair

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