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Prevail Sizing Charts

Prevail Sizing Charts for Protective Underwear and Adult Briefs

Prevail Sizing Charts are designed to help you find the size needed to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Prevail is a leading incontinence brand in healthcare as they provide a full line of incontinence products. Every product is developed and designed with thought and care, to ensure that you live better and feel confident while dealing with loss of bladder control.

Below you will find sizing charts for Prevail Adult Briefs and Prevail Protective Underwear for adults. One of the reasons that Prevail is an industry leader is that they offer multiple sizes, providing you with a better and more secure fit, do to its narrow waist ranges per size.

When incontinence products such as adult diapers and protective pull up underwear do not fit properly, whether they are too big or too small, they can lead to skin irritation, leakage, soiling of cloths and bed linens, and being uncomfortable. That is why having products that fit you properly is so essential, and Prevails multiple sizing options gives you a better and more secure fit.

Protective Underwear Size  Waist Size
Prevail Small   20″ – 34″
Prevail Medium  34″ – 46″
Prevail Large  44″ – 58″
Prevail  X-Large  58″ – 68″


Prevail Adult Brief Size Waist Size
Prevail Brief Medium 32″ – 44″
Prevail Brief Regular 40″ – 49″
Prevail Brief Large 45″ – 58″
Prevail Brief X-Large 59″ – 64″


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