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best upwalkers in colorado

Best Upwalkers in Colorado

Best Upwalkers in Colorado

Improve Your Way of Life with an Upright Walker

Upright Walkers, also referred to as Upwalkers, will help you regain your stability, mobility, and confidence while walking by promoting proper posture. Upwalkers encourage you to stand up tall and look forward while walking, thus engaging your core muscles, lower back and legs. One of the other major benefits of using upright walkers is the weight is now placed on your forearms while walking instead of your wrists. Upwalkers such as the Nova Phoenix Rise Up Rollator or the Vive Upright Walker feature deep foam, contoured armrests that provide optimal comfort and stability for your upper body. This removes the weight and stress placed on your wrists that typically troubles those with arthritis. Independently Yours Medical Supply carries the Best Upwalkers in Colorado. The Parker medical supply store location has the most Upright walkers physically in store for demonstration and purchase in all of Colorado.

Independently Yours Medical Supply in Parker, Colorado carries three of the most popular Upright Walkers

1. Original Upwalker

2. Nova Phoenix Rise Up Rollator 

3. Vive Upright Walker

Visit Independently Yours Medical Supply in Parker, Colorado to try an Upwalker or other upright walker today. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will help size the upright walkers to fit you correctly, so you can experience walking like never before. There are no appointments needed, and all staff members can assist with showing you the proper way to adjust the height of the walker, how it folds, and the correct posture and walking positions.

Original Upwalker

The original upright rolling walker is known as the UPWALKER by Life Walker. The Upwalker is available in three sizes: small, standard, and large. The Upwalker provides supportive upright posture while walking. Designed for safety and stability, the Upwalker has an extended frame. Armrest handles are height adjustable for individual comfort. Enjoy maximum comfort and rest when needed with a soft, sliding sling seat and back rest. Easily fold it up when ready to travel or put in the car. All 3 sizes of the Upwalker and the Upwalker LITE are available at Independently Yours Medical Supply in Colorado.

upwalker specifications

nova phoenix rise up walker


The Phoenix Rise Up Rollator is the newest upright rolling walker to become available by Nova. Nova is renown for making high quality, durable, and exciting durable mobility medical equipment. The Phoenix Rise Up Rollator boasts a 300 lb weight capacity while weighing only 20 pounds. The Rise Up Walker by Nova is available in 3 vibrant colors: Red, Purple and Blue. The Nova Phoenix Rise Up Rollator features large 10″ front wheels for added stability and smooth rolling across door thresholds, sidewalks and small cracks. Nova’s new upwalker was uniquely designed with increased clearance space behind the padded sling seat for maximum walking space to allow for proper upright posture. Even more importantly, the Phoenix Rise Up Rollator has feather touch, easy to squeeze hand brakes coupled with contoured armrests to make steering and stopping extremely easy.

Vive Upright Walker

The Vive Upright Walker is one of the most affordable standing, upright, posture promoting rolling walkers on the market. Comfortably fitting people with heights of 5’4″ – 6’6″ and a 300 pound weight capacity. Vive Upright Walker features a supportive, comfortable, sling padded seat and a soft back rest. The Upright Walker has contoured armrests from increased comfort and easier steering. Compactly folds up and is only 10.5″ tall when folded. Only $275.

upwalker with contoured armrests

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