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back to school ppe sale

Back to School PPE Sale

Back to School PPE Sale

This year has been nothing short of a whirlwind when it comes to Covid-19. The 2020 school is year is closely approaching, and for many families there are a lot of questions and difficult uncertainties that still remain.

For example: When will classes officially start? Are classes online only, or will children be allowed to attend class in person? What kind of personal protective equipment is required for my child to attend class? Will the schools provide hand sanitizer, and surface cleansing wipes, or face mask for students? Do I have to take my child’s temperature before going to school?

To those questions, we do not have the answers. BUT, Independently Yours does have all the Essential Personal Protective Equipment to make your child and family feel safe whether they attend classes in school or at home this year.

Personal Protective Equipment Back to School Sale

Use Coupon Code: PPE10 for 10% Off at Check Out

Stay Safe and Protected This Year

Let Independently Yours Medical Supply help you during this troubling time as we all go back to school. Save 10% on all your PPE needs this school year, when you use the code “PPE10” at checkout. Or if you call to place your order over the phone, inquire about free local delivery for your purchase.

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