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Customer Reviews – Louisville Medical Supply Store

Look at what some of our customers have to say. At Independently Yours Medical Supply, we strive to provide above and beyond customer service, in addition to quality and affordable products. Word of mouth and referrals help spread the word about our business. Here is a link to review that makes it quick and easy: REVIEW

"Recently moved to co and was having a hard time finding what I needed over the counter and someone that carried what I needed in stock. I called up Independently Yours in boulder and they had everything in stock and even offered delivery to my house. The staff is extremely helpful and really go the extra mile to make sure you have what you need. If your in the area I suggest giving them a visit."
independently yours medical supply 5 star customer rating
Mark H.
January 2021 (Google)
"It is rare to find someone who is personally interested in your need to take care of your loved one, even when they don’t know who you are and only know you by text. Bill treated me like a neighbor or friend, even though I was a stranger hundreds of miles away. I highly recommend Independently Yours Medical Supply when you are looking for assistance to help your loved one remain independent!"
independently yours medical supply 5 star customer rating
Angela P.
January 2021 (Google)
"My girlfriend and I drove 15 straight hours to Colorado and checked into a motel at 1am only to find that my old trusty CPAP finally was dead. I cannot sleep without a CPAP…period! In the morning (a Saturday) we desperately sought out a source of a new one. Our only other option was to drive 15 hours back home and then 15 hours back to Colorado. There was only one medical supplies retailer available – Independently Yours in Louisville. They had an appropriate CPAP in stock and adjusted it for my needs quickly. We left their store and continued on our fabulous vacation. Their service was great and I would recommend them to others in the Colorado front range. Thanks to Bill Leahy for your kindness and support"
independently yours medical supply 5 star customer rating
Richard S.
September 2020 (Google)
"In short, my family was treated with thoughtful compassion and prompt service during an especially challenging year by *everyone* at Independently Yours in our multiple interactions with them. (We kept coming back, because needs arose that we didn't anticipate.) They have great products, rent recliner chairs that they deliver & pick up, and know their products very well. They really take pride in helping people promptly get what they need to recover from injury &/or live their most physically independent lives. So grateful to have discovered this fantastic business!"
independently yours medical supply 5 star customer rating
Eliza F.
September 2019 (Google)
"Such a great experience that made our week long visit with my elderly mother so enjoyable. We came in town for the CU Boulder Graduation in May 2019. Knowing that we would do alot of walking it was essential to have a wheelchair for my mom. The woman at Independently Yours helped me over the phone to select the right wheelchair for what we needed. The quality of service and the wheelchair was perfect. Pick up and drop off was efficient and pleasant. And best of all, my mom was comfortable getting to and from all week, even in the snow and rain!"
independently yours medical supply 5 star customer rating
Kristen G.
July 2019 (Google)
"I had the opportunity to have Bill Leahy repair a Luggie mobility scooter that my wife uses on a daily basis... I was able to obtain the part needed but was not able to install the part due to the complexity of the job.. I called Bill and he was more than willing to install the part and do it the same day so my wife would be able to use the Luggie that night... Bill was professional, easy going and knew exactly what needed to be done to repair my wife's scooter... If you are in need of medical  supplies around the Boulder, Colorado area please give Bill an opportunity to wow you also..."
independently yours medical supply 5 star customer rating
Philip M.
April 2019 (Google)
"Bill and his family are so kind and helpful. They have everything we have needed for medical supplies and durable medical equipment. I would recommend this business to everyone."
independently yours medical supply 5 star customer rating
Jennifer M.
June 2019 (Google)
"It’s always hard to know if you can trust a business and if they have integrity as their core value. Independently Yours is such a business. I had an issue with a scooter that I rented from them. Even though the issue wasn’t their fault, they were completely understanding and took care of it instantly with no debate and no questions asked. I was really impressed. Very helpful customer service, easy to work with and there for you if there’s a problem. This is one of those gems that has earned my admiration and repeat business"
independently yours medical supply 5 star customer rating
Martin C.
February 2019 (Yelp)
"Great staff, very helpful! A pleasure to deal with, helpful and accommodating!"
independently yours medical supply 5 star customer rating
Julie H.
June 2019 (Yelp)
"We were in unexpected and urgent need of a hospital bed and we contacted this family owned and operated business in the morning and had the bed in place by 12:30pm that same day. The bed was delivered safely and efficiently. Communication was outstanding. The product was comfortable, clean and affordable. And they even helped us move a (heavy) chair from the living room upstairs to the bedroom and refused to accept any monetary gratitude. Superb service and product!"
independently yours medical supply 5 star customer rating
Deborah F.
April 2019 (Google)
"Great store. We needed a portable nebulizer. Pocket Neb, excellent product and great service. Thank you'
independently yours medical supply 5 star customer rating
Barry S.
February 2019 (Google)
"I had a truly incredible customer service experience.  Bill was able to take a piece of necessary equipment and adapt it with a drill in order to fit the needs of my son.  Thank you so much for you dedication to helping people get healthy and for providing me piece of mind. - Sally, a mom just trying to take care of her son"
independently yours medical supply 5 star customer rating
Sally G.
February 2019 (Yelp)
"On our first visit we rented a scooter for my mom--just to be sure she liked it. She did! Have been back twice since to purchase scooters for both mom and dad--they love them. Store owner was great--very knowledgeable and friendly. Helped us get the right scooters for the situation. Prices are very fair--yes, I could have bought cheaper scooters on the internet but you get what you pay for. Being able to rent first was helpful and he applied the un-used portion of the rental fee toward the purchase of mom's scooter. And they deliver!!!"
independently yours medical supply 5 star customer rating
Regina S
April 2018 (Google)
"The folks at Independently yours delivered a knee scooter to our daughter who was injured in ROTC. They drove out of their way to get her the equipment. For parents who do not live in the area this was such an extra service and a nice service. we so appreciate you! Thank you!"
independently yours medical supply 5 star customer rating
Kimberly D.
December 2018 (Yelp)
Independently Yours Medical Supply – Louisville, Colorado
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