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when do i need a shower chair or bath seat

Do I Need a Shower Chair or Bath Seat

Do I Need a Shower Chair or Bath Seat

Bath Safety equipment such as shower chairs, bath seats, and transfer benches become almost essential as we all age. Bathrooms, showers and tubs in particular, become the most dangerous places in our home accounting for nearly 75% of all in home slips and falls. One of the best ways to reduce the risk of slips and falls while bathing or showering is the use of a shower chair, bath seat or transfer bench. These water proof, non-slip, and height adjustable bathing essentials provide a stable, safe, and comfortable way to thoroughly clean yourself while seated, preventing the chance of slipping. Shower chairs and bath seats have rubber, non-slip feat and come with available features of removable back and/or arms to provide added support while sitting, or assistance getting up and down. Shower chairs and bath seats are designed to fit most standard showers. For those with smaller showers, or use of bath tubs, a height adjustable bath stool can also be used. The transfer bench is the safest and most practical bathing aid for those with a bath tub. A transfer bench sits half inside the tub, and half outside of the bath tub, enabling you to safely sit on the bench from outside of the shower/bath tub and easily slide yourself into the tub and over the tub wall. With the ability to sit and slide on the bench over the tub wall, it eliminates the need to step over the tub wall onto a slick, wet surface, thus reducing the risk of slips and falls. The transfer bench is height adjustable, with non-slip rubber feet, a removable/reversible back and a side rail for extra support.

Shower chairs and bath seats are not only the elderly or those aging independently. Shower chairs and transfer benches are often a necessity for those with lower limb injuries or surgeries. When you are recovering from a surgery or injury of your hip, ankle, foot or knee, it is not safe to stand in a shower or bath tub without the use of at least a grab bar or shower chair. With lower limb injuries, you are often required to be non-weight bearing or limited weight bearing, putting yourself in a potentially dangerous situation while showering on a slippery surface. Properly installed grab bars provide a secure and stable location to hold onto for added balance and a secure handle to grab in the event of an emergency. If you are recovering from an ankle, foot, hip, leg or knee injury and surgery, it is vital that you have at minimum a bath stool to sit on to reduce the potential risk of falling and creating new and serious injury.


Independently Yours Medical Supplies located in Louisville, Colorado carries the largest selection of bath seats, shower chairs and transfer benches in the Boulder/Denver Metro Area. With over 12 different bath seat options and styles to choose from and try in person before purchase you can be sure to find the best bath safety item for you or your loved one. The Louisville Medical Supply store has: Bath Stool, Bath Seat, Bath Seat with Arms, Bath Seat with Arms and Back, Bath Seat with Back, Padded Shower Chair, Padded Shower Chair with Back, MaxiDrain Transfer Bench, Padded Transfer, Shower Chair Commode on Wheels, and more. If you find yourself asking “Do I Need a Shower Chair or Bath Seat” please give us a call or visit our full retail medical supply store in Louisville, CO to see all of the bath safety items and aids available.

Advantages of Using a Shower Chair or Bath Seat

Safety: The main advantages of using a shower chair, bath seat and transfer bench is that they reduce the risk of slips and falls while showering or bathing by providing a secure, safe, and non-slip seating option.

Hygiene!!! Shower chairs, particularly ones with a hygienic cut out, enable people to thoroughly and properly clean themselves safely. It also provides a stable, and secure way to shave and reach tough spots without the risks of bending over, slipping, or holding onto other wet surfaces. Some shower chairs include a holder for hand held shower heads that allow you to control water flow and pressure, with an extended cord so that you can rinse and wash yourself while seated with full control.

Comfort: Some people enjoy sitting on the bathtub floor for the convenience, safety or comfort while bathing. Shower chairs, especially padded bath seats, provide a comfortable seating option so you can safely shower and relax for longer periods of time while reducing the risk of falling. It can be extremely difficult and dangerous to pull yourself up from the bottom of a bath tub even with a grab bar installed. The slippery wet floor surface, tub wall and side walls are nearly impossible to hold onto and grab securely. The built in soap dish is not designed to be grabbed for support or to catch you while falling. The use of a bath stool, transfer bench, or even a shower seat gives you the ability to sit while bathing.

Independence: For those aging independently or recovering from an injury, there is nothing worse then feeling like you have no privacy. Shower chairs help you maintain your independence, freedom and privacy since you have reduced the risk of falling.

When to Use a Shower Chair

Seniors/Elderly: As we age, our balance, awareness of surroundings and reflexes all start to diminish. Nearly 90% senior citizen falls occur in the bathroom accounting for serious injury. Whether you or a loved one intend on aging in place at home, or a senior living community. Grab bars and a shower chair should be 2 essentials not only in your bathroom, but in the entire house. Bath seats with arms will provide a strong and sturdy support while you get up and down from the chair, reducing the risk of falls. If you have a weak core, need back support, a shower chair with a back is a good solution as well, and also has the option for removable arms.

Injuries/Post Surgery:   Shower chairs are not just for seniors. Those suffering from even minor ankle and foot injuries can benefit from the use of a bath seat. Shower chairs, bath seats and transfer benches are typically recommended from doctors and orthopedics for people recovering from lower limb injuries and surgeries. Whether it be a hip replacement, knee replacement, ACL tear, torn achilles, bunion surgery, sprained ankle or any other injury or ailment that may cause you to be non-weight bearing and impede your balance, a shower chair should be considered. Shower chairs and bath seats will allow you to sit, take weight off of the injured lower body part, and provide you a safe and comfortable position to cleans yourself without causing new additional injuries.

Disabled: People battling various disabilities who may be limited to the use of a wheelchair, crutches or other mobility items should highly consider the use of a shower chair. If you are using a wheelchair, it is most likely that you are unable to stand up safely for a long enough to thoroughly bath and cleanse oneself. A shower chair would allow you to maintain your normal safe and comfortable position while making it safer and easier for both you and a caregiver.

Sick: Some illnesses and sicknesses can cause muscle weakness, loss of vision and balance. In order to prevent slips or falls while bathing, or entering and exiting the shower on a slippery surface. A shower chair can be used, even if it is just temporary.

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