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CPAP Users Need to Use SoClean

CPAP Users Need to Use a SoClean

CPAP Machines are devices that provide “Continuous Positive Air Pressure” to you while you sleep. CPAP Machines force outside air through the machine, into your tube and through your CPAP mask then entering either your mouth or nose. As helpful as CPAP machines are, if they are not thoroughly cleaned frequently they can pose a serious risk to your health.

3 of the Most Common Bacteria & Germ Build Up Areas

1. CPAP Face Mask (Full Face, Nasal, or Nose Pillow)

2. CPAP Tube

3. Water Reservoir Chamber

The SoClean2, NUWAVE, and Zoey CPAP Cleaning Systems utilize “Activated Oxygen” or ozone to kill up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria on you CPAP machine and supplies. The SoClean2 can be programmed to automatically run, cleaning your CPAP mask, tube, machine and water reservoir chamber.  The NUWAVE CPAP Cleaning System is lightweight, portable, and can easily be stored. The Nuwave is compatible with all CPAP machines and supplies, and does not require a separate adapter like the SoClean does. The NUWAVE is even available in a smaller, travel size bag. Simply place your CPAP Mask and/or water reservoir chamber inside the Nuwave cleaning system bag and connect your CPAP tube to the power remote. The Zoey CPAP Sanitizer combines the best features of the Nuwave and the SoClean, with it’s universal CPAP compatibility and simple plug and use operation.

All three of the CPAP Cleaning Systems take only 15 minutes of operation, but require a total of 2 hours before they can be used to let the ozone dissipate from the machine. CPAP cleaning machines such as the SoClean2 are a necessity for anyone that uses a CPAP machine to ensure all of your CPAP supplies (facemasks, tubes, water chamber, etc) are being fully sanitized and cleaned.

Yes, it is possible to clean your CPAP machine and supplies without a SoClean or other CPAP Cleaning Machines, but the effectiveness and time consumption it requires makes it less then ideal. Often times, people will try to clean the CPAP tubes themselves with soap and water, or a vinegar mix. The main problem with this CPAP cleaning method is people typically will not wait long enough to ensure that the inner tube is 100% dry, and result in them breathing in moisture/mold build up into their lungs causing potential respiratory issues. A similar result is common with manually cleaning the water reservoir chamber, by which bacteria will build up and is not fully removed with the wiping down with wipes or soapy water residue is often left behind and then inhaled when used.

Visit Independently Yours Medical Supply Store in Louisville, CO to learn more about the differences between the Zoey, Nuwave, and SoClean2 CPAP cleaning machines. In addition to the CPAP cleaning systems, Independently Yours also carries travel mini CPAP machines, CPAP masks, tubes, filters, water reservoir replacements, replacement headgear and cushions, and RESMED most popular CPAP supplies.

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