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new lightweight folding mobility scooter drives 18 miles

New Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooter Drives 18 Miles

New Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooter Drives 18 Miles

Buzzaround Carry On 

Are you ready to experience life like never before? No longer do you have an excuse to stay home, and not travel with your friends, family, or loved ones. Golden Technologies has released what many are calling the “The Best Travel Mobility Scooter of 2020”. The New Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooter Drives 18 Miles on a single charge while boasting a 300 lb weight capacity is called the “Buzzaround Carry On”.

buzzaround carry on travel mobility scooter colorado

Buzzaround Carry On Top 5 Features

1. Weighs ONLY 47 lbs.

2. 18 Mile Driving Range on Single Charge

3. 300 lb. Weight Capacity

4. Easily Folds Up Flat

5. LED Lighting & Lithium Battery

Buzzaround Carry On vs Luggie Standard

The Luggie Folding Scooter is often touted as the best reviewed and most popular folding electric mobility scooter for it’s compact folding ability. The new Buzzaround Carry On expands upon the features that customers enjoy about the Luggie, as well as improving on a handful of features that customers had issues with, to make it the Best Folding Mobility Scooter. When compared to the Luggie Standard, the Carry On mobility scooter weighs only 47 lbs vs the Luggie at 56 lbs. Even with compact folding, lifting over 50 lbs can be very difficult for people to lift into their vehicles by themselves, especially as we age. The Buzzaround Carry On easily folds flat in two simple steps, removing the seat and pulling 2 knobs. Whereas the Luggie requires up to 6 steps to fold completely flat or into a suitcase style position with multiple lever adjustments, pin pulling, latch adjustments, and locking. Both folding mobility scooters feature a Lithium battery, but the Buzzaround Carry On comes stocked with a 15AH Lithium battery that enables you to travel up to 18 miles on a single charge, vs the Luggie that has a 10AH Li battery with an 8 mile driving range. The new Buzzaround Carry On mobility scooter is built with front LED headlights and rear LED brake lights. Travel through diverse terrains with a higher ground clearance on the Buzzaround Carry On, featuring a 4″ ground clearance with 4 non-flat wheels. When compared head to head, the Buzzaround Carry On Folding Mobility Scooter drives 10 miles farther, has a 1″ higher ground clearance, is lighter, easier to fold, has a 50 lb higher weight capacity, built in LED lights, and best of all, is $200 less expensive then the Luggie Standard Folding Scooter.

Watch How Easy it is to Put the Buzzaround Carry On in Your Car

In the video above, you can see how easy it is to fold the Buzzaround Carry On and safely load it into your car. Erin, the manager of Independently Yours Medical Supply in Littleton, CO, first folds down the armrests of the seat. Second, she will hold the handle beneath the seat as she lifts the seat off the scooter frame. Once the seat is removed, there are 2 pull knobs on the seat post to that allow the seat post to fold flat. Once lowered, you will notice how Erin pulls the Yellow lever on the steering tiller, to lower the adjustable tiller to a flatten positioned. The anti-tip wheels on the rear of the scooter enable you to conveniently wheel the Carry On in an upright position, while holding the accessible handle on the front of the scooter. Erin then gently places the front of the Carry On scooter on the rear of the trunk to rest the scooter on, alleviating much of the scooter weight. Then bending down, with her legs, she is able to safely lift the scooter into the trunk with little to no effort. The Carry On mobility scooter’s compact frame, easy folding mechanisms, and light weight make it the perfect electric scooter for traveling.

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