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Crutches and Walking Aids

Independently Yours Medical Supplies is the one stop shop for those looking for crutches, knee scooters, walking boots, or other items to help recover for injured feet, ankles or legs. At our full retail medical supply stores located in Parker, CO and Louisville, CO you can try out and choose from a variety of height adjustable crutches, hands-free crutches, knee scooters and walking boots. Injuries are only temporary, so if renting suits you best you can rent our height adjustable standard aluminum crutches or the knee scooter at daily, weekly, or monthly rates. We will size and fit you properly and you can test them out in the store before deciding. Crutches are often recommend and primarily used for lower body injuries such as hips, legs, knees, ankles, or feet. Crutches will enable you to be non-weight bearing if needed, or provide you added stability while walking and taking weight off the injured limb. Knee Scooters are the ultimate solution for people with foot or ankle injuries who need to be non-weight bearing or have long distances to travel and are recovering from a foot or ankle injury. Our knee scooters are height adjustable, foldable, and are designed to fit the left or right leg comfortably. If you have a wound or a cast that cannot get wet, we also carry a large variety of different style waterproof seal tight protectors that will enable you to shower, bath and swim while keeping your injured part of the body completely dry and protected. Call us or visit us and one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members will be happy to help you.

parker rental crutches

Standard Aluminum Crutches

Height adjustable standard crutches can be adjusted at the hand or the foot by 1″ increments for proper sizing and comfort. Lightweight, anodized aluminum makes it easy to carry and walk with while still boasting a 300 lb. weight capacity. Ideal use is for those with lower body injuries that need to remain non-weight bearing or need extra support or stability while walking. (Standard Aluminum Crutches are available for rent by the day or week)

Available in multiple size options:

4’0″ – 4’8″4’6″ – 5’2″  |  5’2″ – 5’10” |  5’10” 6’6″

Price: $40.00

For More Information Click Here:

medical in motion crutches

Medical Life Crutch

The Life Crutch is the best decision for short-term mobility needs. Designed to improve comfort on your wrists and underarms, this crutch is the future of fashionable meets functionality. The unique shape helps encourage proper posture as you stay active in your recovery. The Life crutch becomes a universal answer to all sizes tall and short (4′ 6″ – 6″7″). Equipped with an articulating tip to gain better footing across most surfaces

Price: $49.99

For More Information Click Here:

adult forearm crutches

Adult Forearm Crutches

These lightweight aluminum crutches allow you to shift the weight of your body and support yourself with the weight being more on your forearms and upper body compared to underarm crutches. Forearm crutches are height adjustable at both the forearm and the leg section. Features a 4″ wide, contoured cuff for added comfort. 250 lb weight capacity and is designed for long term use.

Prices: $75.00

Click Here for more information on the Forearm Crutches:

mobilegs universal crutches

Mobilegs Universal Crutches

The Mobilegs Universal Crutches features an articulated soft saddle design that pivots and rotates without the body for optimal comfort and performance. Soft hand grips with a wedge shaped finger contour helps promote natural wrist angle. Designed with rocker feet, over-molded rubber tips to provide full contact when walking requiring less exertion. Fits people from 4’9″ – 6’4″ and up to 300 lbs.

Prices Start as Low as: $89.99

For More Information Click Here:

Pride Go-Go Elite Traveler Mobility Scooter Specifications

Model Go-Go Elite Traveller 3-Wheel
Model Number SC40E
Front Tires 2″ x 8″ Solid
Rear Tires 2.5″ x 8″ Solid
Maximum Speed* Up to 4 mph
Ground Clearance 2″
Turning Radius** 33″
Overall Length** 37″
Overall Width of Base** 19.5″
Seat-to-Ground Height Range 18.25″-20.25″
Seat Type Compact, Foldable (17″x17″)
Weight** 76 lbs.
Seat-to-Deck Height Range 15.75″-17.25″
Battery Weight 9 lbs. each
(Battery pack is 18 lbs. with 12AH batteries)
14 lbs. each
(18 AH battery pack weighs 29.5 lbs.)
Battery Requirements (2)12AH or (2)18AH
Maximum Range Per Charge* Up to 10 (18AH)
Battery Charger Off-board, 2A
Maximum Weight Capacity 300 lbs.
Standard Body Colors Red and blue interchangeable shroud panels
Weight of Heaviest Piece** 29 lbs. (Rear Section)
Medicare Code Coverage K0800 – Group 1 Standard
Warranty Lifetime limited on frame;
2-Year limited on Electronics;
2-Year limited on Drivetrain
mobilegs ultra crutches

Mobilegs Ultra Crutches

Mobilegs Ultra Crutches is the gold standard of crutches, featuring an articulating saddle grip design that rotates and pivots with the body as you walk, and prevents soft skin chaffing with its breathable technology. Designed with over-molded rubber tip rocker feet that maintains full contact with the ground while walking for added comfort and stability. Easily adjust the height of the legs and arm of the crutch to your desired comfort. Fits people 4’9″ – 6’4″.

Prices Start as Low as: $149.99

For More Information Click Here:

iWALK Free 2.0 – Hands Free Crutch

The iWalker Free 2.0 Hands Free Crutch is the pain free alternative to conventional crutches and knee scooters. The iWalk is perfect for people who need to be non-weight bearing due to lower leg injuries. The iWalk is hands free allowing you to regain your independence and mobility while preventing nerve damage, arm pain from crutches, and moving around easier. When using the iWalk you will have full mobility of your hands and arms, allowing you to continue your normal daily activities. Walking up and down the stairs, navigating tight spaces, and regular house hold chores are significantly easier and safer to do when using the iWalk Free 2.0. The iWalk features independent upper and lower leg height adjustments, strap length adjustments, and even switch the foot for different leg injuries, all ensuring a proper and safe fit. At Independently Yours Medical Supplies we are certified by the makers of iWalk to size you, fit you, teach how to walk correctly and safely while using the iWalk. We will take as much time needed to ensure you are comfortable and safe while using the iWalk Hands Free Crutch.

Price: $169.00 (Includes assembly, sizing, fitting and testing out in store before purchase)

Click Here for More Information on the iWalk 2.0 Hands Free Crutch:

iwalk free 2.0
iwalk free
iwalk hands free crutch on stairs

Knee Scooters – (Rental or Purchase)

Independently Yours Medical Supplies in Colorado rents and sell knee scooters, also known as Knee Walkers. Knee Scooters allow you to travel longer distances quicker, safer and more stable then crutches while still remaining 100% non-weight bearing on your foot, ankle or toes. Choose from a selection of the best portable knee walkers that will easily fold up to fit in any vehicle. We carry the NOVA Knee Scooter, NOVA Heavy Duty Knee Scooter, Knee Rover All-Terrain Knee Scooter and the Knee Rover Hybrid All-Terrain Knee Scooter. Each knee scooter is available for rent or purchase depending on your length of need. Our knee scooters are high quality, no maintenance required, have dual locking hand brakes, a contour cut out deep foam seat for optimal comfort, and the handle bars and seat are height adjustable. . Whether you are recovering from injury or surgery on your toes, feet, or ankle a knee scooter from Independently Yours Medical Supplies will help you resume your daily activities and make recovery time for those non-weight bearing even easier. Visit one of our store locations to test drive a knee scooter and see which one is best for you.

parker knee scooter rentals nova tkw12

NOVA Knee Scooter

The NOVA Knee Scooter is the perfect everyday knee scooter featuring a deep foam, contour cutout knee pad that is offset to fit either your left or right leg to make walking easier. The knee pad and handle bars are height adjustable to fit people heights 4’11” – 6’2″ and up to 300 lbs. Includes dual locking handbrakes, padded seat, front wire storage basket, 8 inch rubber wheels and the handle folds down to fit easier in the car.

Price Starts as Low as: $290.00

Click here for more information on the NOVA Knee Scooters:

boulder kneerover all terrain knee scooter rental Colorado

KneeRover All Terrain Knee Scooter

The KneeRover All Terrain Knee Scooter features three 12″ air filled (pneumatic) wheels, with height adjustable knee pad and handle bars. The double bar frame supports up to 350 lbs. and fits people 5’6″ – 6’6″. Designed for multiple terrains providing comfort, stability and a smooth ride. Includes locking handbrakes, deep foam knee pad, height adjustable folding handle bar, 12″ wheels, and a removable wire basket.

Price Starts as Low as: $410.00

Click here for more information on the All Terrain Knee Scooter:

kneerover hybrid all terrain knee scooter

KneeRover Hybrid Knee Scooter

The KneeRover Hybrid Knee Scooter is the perfect indoor/outdoor knee scooter for those who need to stay off of their ankle or feet. Enjoy the comfortable, stable and smooth ride with the two large 9″ front air pumped tires, adjustable handlebars, dual locking handbrakes, a deep 3″ foam knee pad and a removable front wire basket. Easily folds up for transport and storage, and weighs only 25 lbs.

Price Starts as Low as: $326.00

Click here for more information on the KneeRover Hybrid All Terrain Knee Scooter:

Walking Boots and Post-Op Shoes

Walking Boots and Post-Op Shoes provide a non-skin rocker bottom sole that helps provide added support and protection for the ankle, toes and feet. Available in sizes X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large for men and women.

standard ankle walker boots

Standard Ankle Walking Boots 

The Standard Ankle Walking Boot provides maximum protection and support for your ankle, foot or toes when recovering from injury or surgery. Build with a low profile design and a non-skid rocker bottom to promote a more natural walking gait and balance. Built with wide opening between leg supports to allow for additional swelling and dressings, but features 1 foot strap and 2 leg straps to adjust the level of compression and fit to your desired comfort. Available in extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large. Designed to fit right or left leg.

Price: $65.00

Click here for more information on the Standard Ankle Walking Boots:

short leg walking boots

Short Leg Walking Boots 

The Short Leg Walking Boots fit both the leg and right leg, and helps provide support and stability from the foot through the upper calf/shin. They have a low profile design and a nonskid molded rocker bottom to minimize the difference in leg height, and promote a normal walking gait. Features a closed heal design and wider contoured sides to ensure a better and proper fit.

Price: $75.00

Click here for more information on the Short Leg Walking Boots:

Short Leg Walking Boot Sizes

– Small fits shoe sizes: Men’s 4.5 – 7, Women’s 6-8

– Medium fits shoe sizes: Men’s 7.5 – 10.5 , Women’s 8.5 – 11.5

– Large fits shoe sizes: Men’s 11 – 12.5, Women’s 11.5 – 13.5

– X-Large fits shoe sizes: Men’s 12.5+, Women’s 13.5+

even up

Even Up for Walking Boots

The Even Up is a must have for those who are wearing a standard ankle walking boot or a short leg walking booth. The Even Up slides over your normal everyday shoes, but provides a .5″ to 1″ lift to even out your gait, so that you are not walking with a limp or uneven legs. This prevents any further hip or gait injuries and discomfort. The even up will work on almost any shoe and fits men’s and women’s shoes, and works on both the left and right foot.

Price: $39.95

Click here for more information on the Even Up:

Even Up Sizing Chart

Measurement Women’s Shoe Size Men’s Shoe Size Recommended Evenup™ Size
A sole measurement between 10 inches (254mm) and 11 1/4 inches (286mm) 5 – 8.5 6 – 8 SMALL
A sole measurement between 11 1/2 inches (292mm) and 12 3/4 inches (324mm) 9 – 11 8.5 – 10.5 MEDIUM
A sole measurement between 13 inches (330mm) and 14 1/2 inches (368mm) 11.5 – 13 11 – 13 LARGE
A sole measurement greater than 14 1/2 inches (368mm) 13.5+ 13.5+ EXTRA LARGE
semi-rigid post op shoes

Post-Op Shoes 

The Semi-Rigid Post-Op Shoes are great for people who are looking for extra support and protection for their toes and parts of their foot. Post-Op shoes feature a a sturdy, non-slip rocker bottom with heel and toe pitch for better gait alignment when walking. Designed with 2 heel loop velcro closures to adjust tightness and support to your level of comfort. Available in men’s and women sizing, and left or right foot.

Price: $30.00

Click here for more information on the Post-Op Shoes:

Seal Tight Waterproof Covers for Bathing

The Seal Tight Cast Covers are the perfect solution for those with lower body injuries or wounds that need to remain dry, but still enable you to shower. Seal Tight Cast Covers feature a large opening with an easy to use application ring that forms a tight seal and waterproof fit. Seal Tight Cast Covers are 100% reusable, durable and recommended by doctors. Made with non-latex and a polyvinyl bag that prevents water penetration when showering, bathing or swimming.  Waterproof Cast Covers by Seal Tight are available in different sizes and styles such as: short arm, wide arm, long arm, short leg, wide leg, long leg, foot and hand.

Price: $29.99

For more information on Seal Tight Waterproof Cast Covers click here:

arm waterproof cast protector
waterproof cast protectors
seal tight waterproof cast cover for leg

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