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Bathroom Safety Equipment | Highlands Ranch CO

In their most recent study, the CDC found that 66% of bathroom injuries occur in the tub or the shower. The majority of these injuries stem from “slips and falls” while showering or bathing. Simple modifications to the bathroom such as adding bathroom safety equipment can keep you or a loved one safe in Highlands Ranch, CO. 

Bathroom Safety Store

One of the most easy to install, yet most beneficial, aides are grab bars. These bars come in a variety of lengths and installation methods to suit all needs. Common places bars are found are next to the toilet, inside and just outside the shower. 

For those who need further assistance accessing the tub or the shower a transfer bench may be needed. These benches allow one to sit down outside of the tub and then slide the chair across the raised edge of the tub and into the tub/shower. They are designed to allow the user to shower while remaining seated on the transfer bench.  

For those who have walk-in showers or are able to navigate getting into the tub, shower chairs and stools offer a safe and sturdy place to rest while showering. When coupled with grab bars, these aides safely increase the user’s independence while protecting their dignity. 

Those with mobility issues may have trouble standing from a sitting position. This can be especially difficult when using the toilet. Elevated toilet seats decrease the distance users have to sit and the extra height makes standing easier. Some models come with handles to increase support. Other simple items to consider include nonslip floor mats, nightlights and motion activated nightlights and a handheld shower head.

There are other simple things you can do to increase the safety in bathroom. One simple thing you can do is to make sure that all clutter is cleaned up from the floor. By taking a few moments each day to clean up soiled clothes, used towels, or toys you can drastically reduce the risk of a loved one falling. 

Another addition to consider is a nonslip floor mat in the shower and tub. These water-resistant mats stick to the floor of the shower or tub through suction cups and their surface is covered with textured ridges to prevent slipping. Additionally, these same mats can be used outside the tub as added support when stepping out of the shower when wet. These mats can be found at any local drug store and come in a variety of sizes and colors. 

Another easy and inexpensive addition you can pick up at a local drug store is non-slip backing for accent rugs. This backing can be cut to the size of the rug you have so there is no need to buy an expensive replacement. The backing ensures that your rug stays in place and slick floors stay dry. 

Nightlights in the bathroom and in hallways leading to the bathroom help light the way safely without having to disturb others sleeping. There are many different options these days including motion activated nightlights that fit on the side of the toilet. Many nightlight models have LEDs and do not require the bulb to be changed and are extremely energy efficient. 

For those who use a shower chair or stool, installing a handheld shower head can reduce the need to stand up repeatedly in the shower. Many handheld shower heads have a lever you can move that will shut off the stream of water allowing users to step out of the water without having to move from their seat. Showerheads are available to purchase at any home improvement store and the staff can help you choose the one that has the best options for you. 

If you feel that you or a loved one needs further support to stay safe, look to Independently Yours as your bathroom safety store. Call one of our stores today or browse our selection of bathroom safety equipment online. 

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