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Colorado Straight Stair Lifts

Independently Yours Medical Supply specializes in Colorado Straight Stair Lifts. With nearly a decade of stair lift installation experience, our family owned and operated medical supply stores in Colorado provide Harmar Mobility Stair Chair Lifts. Stair Lifts, also known as stair chair lifts, are the best solution for people looking to remain in their homes as they age. As we age, our mobility and stability slowly start to decrease, making going up and down the stairs difficult and high risk for both our loved ones and care givers.   When faced with the challenge of deciding to age in place at home, or re-locate to a Senior Living Community, the question of how to navigate the stairs at home is often the major dilemma.  Stair Lifts provide a safe, easy, and reliable way to travel up and down the stairs independently. Straight stair lifts from Independently Yours Medical Supply mount directly to the stairs for maximum support. Boasting a sleek, worm-gear rail system with zero user maintenance required. Travel safely up and down the stairs quietly, up to 20 feet per minute, under your own control or with wireless remote controls. In the event of a power outage, you can rest assured that you can still operate your lift with its built in battery back up system.

Straight Stair Chair Lifts are IN-STOCK and available for next day installation throughout Colorado by Independently Yours Medical Supply. For under $3,500 you can have a brand new, American Made, straight stair lift installed in your home within 24 hours. Call or text us today to schedule your FREE In-Home Estimate. 

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Made in America

All Harmar Mobility Stair Lifts are Made in America

Industry Best Warranty

10 Year Warranty: Worm- Gear Rack
2 Year Warranty: Parts
1 Year Warranty: Battery

Harmar Pinnacle SL300 Straight Stair Lifts

The Pinnacle SL300 by Harmar is one of the most compact and reliable straight chair lifts. The over-sized worm gear offers greater stability and a 300 lb. weight capacity, all while requiring zero maintenance or lubrication. Enjoy the comfort of a wider swivel seat that allows you to safely enter and exit the chair lift on a flat landing and never on the steps. The Pinnacle SL300 features built in safety sensors in the footrest, that automatically engage and stop the lift immediately when in contact with an object, pet, item or even your own foot if it slips off.  The Harmar SL300 straight stair lift includes up to 16 feet of track to fit your staircase properly and can be universally used on either the left or right hand side of your staircase. The BEST feature of this straight stair lift, especially with Colorado weather, is even in the event of a power outage, you can still operate your stair chair lift up to 40 trips on the battery back up system. When the chair lift seat, arms, and footrest are folded up the Pinnacle SL300 Stair Lift is only 11″, making it’s total width ONLY 14″. Whether the stair lift seat is up or folded, there is plenty of room to still walk up the stairs next to it. 

     SL300 Specifications:

  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Travel Speed: 20 Feet per Minute
  • Folded Width: 11″
  • Standard Track Length Included: 16 Feet.
  • Incline Limits: 32 – 45 Degrees
  • Up to 40 Trips During Power Outage
  • Seat Size: 19″ W x 16″ D
  • Nylon Polymer Worm Gear Rail System
  • Footrest Safety Sensor System
  • Nylon Polymer Worm Gear Rail System
  • 2 Wireless Remote Controls
Call Now for the Best Price in Denver & Free Lifetime Service: 303-840-4444

Harmar Pinnacle SL600 Straight Stair Lifts

The Pinnacle SL600 Straight Stair Lift is Harmar Mobility’s premier indoor stair chair lift. Just like the SL300, the Pinnacle SL600 features a zero maintenance, Nylon Polymer Worm Gear Rail System that mounts securely to the stairs and not the wall. Built with safety and comfort in mind, their are additional safety sensors around the foot rest, chassis obstruction sensors, overspeed brake as well as a swivel seat cut off switch on the chair. Immediately upon contact with an object, or out of position, the chair lift with stop. The Pinnacle SL600 Straight Stair Lift has an enhanced weight capacity, holding up to 350 lbs. while also being able to travel up to 60 trips in the event of a power outage or unplugged from the wall. When folded, the Harmar Mobility Pinnacle SL600 stair chair lift is only 10.5″, making it the MOST compact stair lift on the market. The chair lift can be positioned at the top or bottom of the staircase, with charging strips built into the top and bottom of the lift, within the rail system. Whether the chair is folded, or open full, there is ample room for people to walk up and down the stairs safely. Enjoy the comfort of full armrests, and a full back support and extended foot rest while you safely, and independently travel up and down the stairs in your home. 

pinnacle sl600 straight stairlift

     SL600 Specifications:

  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Travel Speed: 20 Feet per Minute
  • Folded Width: 10.5″
  • Standard Track Length Included: 16 Feet. Up to 70 Ft.
  • Incline Limits: up to 45 Degrees
  • Up to 60 Trips During Power Outage
  • Seat Size: 19″ W x 16″ D
  • Nylon Polymer Worm Gear Rail System
  • 2 Wireless Remote Controls
  • Safety Features
    • Final Limit Switch
    • Chassis Obstruction Sensors
    • Centrifugal Overspeed Brake
    • Swivel Seat Cut-Off Switch
    • Bi-Direction Footrest Obstruction Sensor
Call Now for the Best Price in Denver & Free Lifetime Service: 303-840-4444

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What Our Customers Have to Say About Colorado Straight Stair Lifts

Gail S.
We’re extremely pleased with the Stair Lifts we bought through Independently Yours. Bill, the owner, was great to work with, and gave us excellent advice on what would best suit our needs. He measured for the lifts, kept us well informed about when we would have them, and did a superb job on the installation himself. He made sure we understood how to use our lifts, and had us try them out to have the seat height fit us perfectly. It was a great experience, and we’re confident we can count on Bill and Independently Yours if we need service or adjustments to our lifts. A great company with good people.
Bob M.

We had a very good experience with Bill, the installer. He was fast and did a very clean installation. He also is extremely knowlegeable about the product. I would recommend him and his company to anyone.

Free In-Home Stair Lift Estimate - Next Day Installation

Independently Yours Medical Supply has 3 full retail medical supply store locations in Colorado: Parker, Louisville, and Littleton. We deliver, install, and service Harmar Mobility Straight Stair Lifts throughout Colorado ranging from Colorado Springs – Longmont and more. All straight stair chair lift purchases from Independently Yours Medical Supply include free delivery, installation, and a FREE LIFETIME SERVICE, on top of the manufacturers warranty.  Proudly providing and installing affordable and quality straight stair lifts in: Colorado Springs, Monument, Larkspur, Black Forest, Elizabeth, Franktown, Kiowa, Castle Rock, Lone Tree, Parker, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, Englewood, Littleton, Denver, Aurora, Broomfield, Brighton, Thornton, Lakewood, Golden, Arvada, Wheatridge, Superior, Louisville, Erie, Lafayette, Boulder, Westminster, Longmont, Niwot, Frederick, Mead, Loveland.

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