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Best Lift Chairs Colorado

Colorado’s Largest Selection of Golden Technologies Lift Chairs

Independently Yours Medical Supply has Colorado’s Largest Selection of Lift Chairs by Golden Technologies in store and on the floor.  Independently Yours has 3 full retail medical supply stores in Colorado, located in Parker, Louisville and Littleton. Each of our Colorado medical supply stores are Golden Technologies Flag Ship Lift Chair Dealers, having 6 – 12 lift chairs on the floor at each location. Independently Yours Parker Medical Supply Store is the largest of our medical supply stores with it’s 5,000 square foot retail space and 12+ Golden Lift Chair floor models. At Independently Yours Medical Supply, we carry Golden’s most popular and top selling lift chairs, as well as their newest and most advanced models. Golden Technologies is the #1 lift chair manufacturer in America, with the largest variety of styles, designs, fabric options and sizes.  Golden’s lift chairs are designed to fit everyone from small to tall and everyone in between, with the largest selection of sizing options for fully electric recliners that stand you up. All of the team members at Independently Yours Medical Supply Stores are trained by Golden, and are considered experts when it comes to Golden Lift Chairs. Our friendly staff can answer all of your questions, help properly size you for a lift chair that fits you specifically, and demonstrate all of the different features of the Golden Lift Chairs.   Find your forever electric recliner to last you a lifetime from the Best Lift Chairs Colorado at Independently Yours Medical Supply Store.  All lift chair purchases from Independently Yours Medical Supply in Colorado include free local in-home delivery, set up and free lifetime service.  Golden Technologies provides and industry leading lifetime warranty on the frames and lift mechanism of all their lift chairs. The NEW Golden Lift Chairs with Twilight Tilt Technology are available and on display in Parker, Lousville, and Littleton.

Best Lift Chairs Colorado - Golden Technologies Lift Chairs

Why Golden Technologies:

Golden Technologies is the #1 Lift Chair Manufacturer in America, featuring a 170,000 square foot state of the art facility in Laflin, PA.  Golden’s lift electric lift chair recliners are all made and assembled in Pennsylvania by Americans. In addition to their massive lift chair manufacturing and storage facility in PA that holds 20,000 complete lift chairs, they also have 5 additional warehouses throughout the United States to provide quick and efficient shipping for new chair orders. Lift Chairs by Golden Technologies are considered The Best Lift Chairs due to their: industry leading warranty, innovative and  patented remote and motor technology, superior level of comfort with individual body part adjustments, modern style designs and a large selection of colors, fabrics and Brisa leather options to choose from.  One of the biggest reason’s Independently Yours carries and promotes Golden Technologies Lift Chairs is that they provide electric recliner lift chairs for people of all ages and sizes. Golden has Maxicomfort lift chairs in sizes: Junior Petite/Small, Medium, Large, Tall, and Extra Wide to make sure that each person can have a life long chair that fits them comfortably. They also have a series of chairs that are Small/Medium and Medium/Large hybrids. When you are purchasing a lift chair to spend a significant part of your day and life in, you should have a chair that fits you properly in every way and not a 1 size fits all option that many other manufacturers provide. Golden’s patented maxicomfort remote technology that is featured on almost all of their chairs enables you to control and adjust the foot and back of the chairs individually to your desired level of comfort and positioning. Golden’s newest line of chairs even come with adjustable lumbar, headrest and twilight tilt technology in addition to independent back and foot positioning.

Golden Technologies Maxicomforter Lift Chairs

MaxiComfort Series

The MaxiComfort Lift Chairs by Golden Technologies are the most advanced lift recliners anywhere in the world. MaxiComfort is the only patented recline technology that can glide you smoothly into an unlimited number of comfort positions not found on standard lift chairs. This exclusive line of lift chairs is controlled by an easy to use hand control called AUTODRIVE which can memorize your favorite settings, as well as allow you to choose from optimal comfort positions to promote health, wellness and relaxtion. View the different positioning settings of the MaxiComfort Lift Chair below that includes: Lift, TV Watching, Sleep, Zero-Gravity, and Trendelenburg positions. With the maxicomfort patented remote control, you can independently adjust and control the back and feet of your lift chair, to allow you to experience ultimate comfort and your ideal positioning. Independently Yours Medical Supply has the largest selection of in store Maxicomforter Lift Chairs by Golden Technologies in the Denver Metro Area with store locations in Parker, Louisville/Boulder, and Littleton. The Maxicomfort Series Lift Chairs include the: Maxicomforter, Cloud, DayDreamer, and Twilight.


MaxiComfort Lift Chair Positions

  • Lift Position:
    • MaxiComfort makes life luxuriously easy. No matter what position the chair is in, Maxicomfort can have you standing easily with the touch of the LIFT button on the remote. Whether its to answer the door, check the kitchen, or stand to greet a loved one, the Maxicomfort lift chair rises to meet every occasion.
  • Sit Position:
    • When you have company, or simply want to use your Maxicomfort power lift and recline chair, you can. The SIT button on the remote with return your chair from any position back to the seated position quickly and easily, so you can enjoy your guests, have a bite to eat, and more.
  • TV Watching:
    • The TV Watching position is designed for upright relaxation during your favorite activities of watching TV, reading, or surfing the internet on your laptop. When you press the TV button on the lift chair remote, the backrest moves forward while the seat box and footrest raise into the same position as when you use zero-gravity. This places your lower body into a neutral posture, reducing discomfort in your lower back. The upright backrest provides ergonomic upper body positioning in an effort to minimize neck and shoulder strain.
  • Zero-Gravity:
    • Decompress after a long day when you glide into the pressure-free comfort of the Zero-Gravity position. In this physician-recommended posture, the spine, hip, and knee joints align on the balanced midpoint of the muscles. When your body is in in Zero-Gravity, a natural relaxation will take place and minimum tension will be felt. Spinal pressure and muscle tension are relieved, circulation is improved, and feelings of fatigue melt away.
  • Trendelenburg:
    • Give your back the ultimate stretch and improve circulation in the Trendelenburg position, Created by German physician Friederich Trendelendburg, this position raises the feet above the head, increasing blood flow in your lower extremities. Many doctors prescribe the therapeutic benefits of the Trendelenburg position for congestive heart failure, edema or other circulatory conditions where patients need to raise their legs above their heart for certain periods of time each day. The Trendelenburg position assists you in stretching the lumbar area of your back while improving circulation throughout the entire body.
Golden Technologies Lift Chairs - Maxicomforter Lift Chair

Maxicomforter Lift Chair

The MaxiComforter Lift Chair PR-535 is the new and improved Maxicomforter lift chair by Golden Technologies (previously PR-515). Featuring its Small to Tall sizing with chair sizes designed to fit people of all ages and sizes: junior petite/small, medium, large, tall and wide. The new Maxicomforter PR-535 boasts the same firm, supportive, spring coiled seat to promote upright positioning and proper posture, but now features a new extended arm style with additional padding. The Maxicomfort Lift Chair now has an updated, contemporary design and comes stocked with new, plush luxurious chenille fabrics with a new upgraded stain defense. Have complete control of your chair positioning  with the patented maxicomfort remote control that enables you to adjust your head/back, and feet independently of each other. Relax in zero gravity positioning and even program 4 of your favorite positions with the easy memory functioning.

Prices Start as Low as: $1,625.00

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golden technologies maxicomfort lift chair pr 510

Maxicomfort Cloud Lift Chair

The Maxicomfort Cloud Lift Chair features an overstuffed, biscuit back design that is leaving our customers saying it’s one of the most comfortable chairs they have sat in. Generously filled, wide armrests for enhanced arm support when sitting or reclining. Has a unique chaise pad design that cradles your lower body in comfort. Features a patented Maxicomfort Ultimate Recline Technology. Available in two sizes: Small/Medium (5’1″ – 5’6″) and Medium/Large (5’7″ – 6’4″)

Prices Start as Low as: $1,875.00

daydreamer power pillow lift chairs

DayDreamer PowerPillow Lift Chair

Golden’s DayDreamer Power Pillow Lift Chair featuring the exclusive PowerPillow™ provides the ultimate in position control. Recline back and adjust both your head and neck using the exclusive articulating head pillow. MaxiComfort combined with the PowerPillow offers maximum comfort options, all with the touch of a button. The DayDreamer is a medium sized lift recliner – and it is truly the world’s first MaxiComfort lift chair with a PowerPillow! Brand New: the DayDreamer Power Pillow Lift Chair now features Power Lumbar.

Prices Start as low as $1,900.00

Golden Lift Chairs with Twilight Technology

Golden Technologies continues to be a leader in the Lift Chair industry, being the first to add a Twilight (tilt) technology to their already advanced and patented Maxicomfort remote control. Golden’s twilight technology will tilt or rotate you back an additional 30 degrees from almost anywhere in the chair with just the simple press of a button, enabling you to experience ultimate comfort, true zero gravity and infinite positioning. The New Twilight feature is currently available on 3 Golden Technologies Lift Chairs: the brand new EZ Sleeper Twilight Lift Chair, Cloud Twilight Lift Chair, and Orion with Twilight Lift Chair. Visit Independently Yours Medical Supply in Colorado to experience the ultimate in luxury electric lift chair recliner with Twilight Technology.

Golden Technologies Twilight Technology Lift Chair Electric Recliners
golden ez sleeper twilight lift chair power lumbar and headrest brisa leather colorado

EZ Sleeper Twilight Lift Chair with Power Headrest & Lumbar Control

The Golden Technologies EZ Sleeper Twilight Lift Chair is the newest and most technology advanced electric lift chair recliner on the market. Boasting 5 quiet motors that allow for independent control of the feet, back, power headrest, power lumbar control, and a stand you up lifting mechanism. Enjoy ultimate comfort with true zero gravity and infinite positioning. A sleek, modern design with track arms to provide constant contact while sitting, standing or fully reclined. The Twilight tilt technology will enable you to tilt back an additional 30 degrees from any position in the chair to allow your feet and legs to be above your heart for improved circulation and rejuvenation. Available in 2 Padded Suede Quick Ship Fabrics and 3 Quick Ship Brisa Leather options, or choose from a variety of other custom builder fabric colors.

Prices Start as Low as: $2,350.00

golden cloud with twilight lift chair

Cloud with Twilight Technology – with Power Headrest and Lumbar

The Golden Cloud with Twilight Technology Lift Chair features the newest and most innovative lift chair motor technology, enabling you to now tilt yourself an additional 30 degrees from any position in your Golden Technologies Lift Chair. The Cloud Twilight features the same exact design, style, comfort, and maxicomfort remote control as the Golden Cloud along with the new Twilight Tilt Technology. Now you have the ability to independently adjust your back, feet, and angle of the chair to your desired level of comfort and experience true infinite positioning and zero gravity. Just like all Golden Lift Chairs, the Twilight Cloud will stand you up from any position in your chair with the press of a button. Available in fabric or leather. The New Cloud Twilight Lift Chair now features Power Headrest and Power Lumbar controls.

Prices Start as Low as: $2,300.00

 Comforter Series

The Comforter Series by Golden Technologies is a 3 position lift chair with an easy to use, 2 button remote. Comfortably sit, recline or lift yourself up and stop anywhere along the way. The Comforter Series features the same firm, “spring coiled seat”, over stuffed back, and tight firm armrest to promote positive upright posture while sitting.

Golden technologies lift chairs - comforter lift chairs pr 531

Comforter Lift Chair

The Comforter Lift Chair harnesses the same design benefits as the Maxicomforter, while making it easier to use with a simple 2 button remote. The Comforter functions as a 3-position lift chair allowing you to comfortably “Sit”, “Stand”, and “Recline” to a napper position. Just like the Maxicomforter, the Comforter Series lift chair features a firm, spring coiled seat, with tight armrest to help people get in and out easier. Golden Technologies offers the Comforter Lift Chair in a wide variety of sizes including: Junior Petite, Small, Medium, Large, Tall, and Extra Wide, to make sure everyone has a comfortable and proper fit.

Prices Start as Low as: $1,350.00

Comforter Lift Chair Specifications

Junior PetiteLargeMediumSmallTallXWide Large
Pocketed Coil Spring Seat:NoYesYesYesYes
Weight Capacity:Up to 300 lbs.Up to 375 lbs.Up to 375 lbs.Up to 300 lbs.Up to 375 lbs.
User Height:4′ 0″ to 5′ 0″5′ 11″ to 6′ 2″5′ 4″ to 5′ 10″5′ 0″ to 5′ 3″6′ 3″ to 6′ 8″
Chair Sizes:Junior PetiteLargeMediumSmallTall
Seat Width:19.00″23.00″21.00″20.00″23.00″
User Height (Low/High):4’0 to 5’05’11 to 6’25’4″ to 5’10”5’0 to 5’36’3″ to 6’8″
Seat Depth:18.50″22.00″21.00″19.50″24.00″
Heat and Massage Option:Seat and Back- Massage with Heat Only Back
Seat to Floor Height:18.00″20.50″19.50″19.00″22.50″
Seat Back Height:22.50″28.50″27.00″25.00″30.00″
Overall Width:30.5″34.5″32.5″31.5″34.5″
Overall Height:39.00″44.00″42.00″40.00″47.00″
Back Style:Split/SeamSplit/SeamSplit/SeamSplit/SeamSplit/Seam
Wall Hugger Model:NoNoNoNoNo
Distance from Wall Needed:17.00″18.00″17.00″17.00″19.00″
Fully Padded Chaise:YesYesYesYesYes
Extended Footrest Available:NoYesYesYesYes
Upholstery Options:Fabric
Faux Leather
Faux Leather
Faux Leather
Faux Leather
Faux Leather
Instock Models Available:YesYesYesYesYes
Arm Covers Included:YesYesYesYesYes
Headrest Cover Included:YesYesYesYesYes

 Value Series

The Value Series by Golden Technologies is a 3 position lift chair with an easy to use, 2 button remote. Comfortably sit, recline or lift yourself up and stop anywhere along the way. The Value Series lift chairs have a firmer “grip-rite” arm rest for added support while getting up and down. The value series or Monarch lift chair is great for people looking for a simple, easy to use, and affordable lift chair.

golden monarch lift chair

Monarch Lift Chair

The Golden Monarch Lift Chair is part of Golden’s Value Series that enables you to enjoy hours of relaxation and comfort all for an affordable price. The Monarch is a generously stuffed seam back with a soft supportive seat. Easily reclines to a full napper position or lifts you out of the chair with the the Smart Tek remote control. Available in two sizes, medium and large. Visit our store to try one out. Free delivery and set up with purchase.

Prices Start as Low as: $900.00

Monarch Lift Chair Specifications

  • Size: Medium, Large
  • Weight Capacity: 375 lb.
  • Recline Positions: 3
  • Standard Fabrics: 5
  • Fabric Options: None
  • Chaise Seat: NO
  • Coil Springs: NO
  • Back Type: Seam
  • Head Rest Cover: YES
  • Arm Covers: YES
  • Battery Backup: YES
  • Overall Width: 32″ (M), 34″ (L)
  • Overall Height: 42″ (M), 44″ (L)
  • Width Between Arms: 21″ (M), 23″ (L)
  • Floor to Top of Seat: 18.5″
  • Seat Depth: 21.5″ (M), 23″ (L)
  • Seat to Top of Back: 28″ (M), 30″ (L)
  • Seat to Top of Arm: 7″ (M), 7.5″ (L)
  • Seat Angle Raised: 16°
  • Floor to Top of Foot Rest Reclined: 23″ (M), 22″ (L)
  • Floor to Top of Back Reclined: 33″
  • Back Angle Closed: 110°
  • Back Angle Reclined: 140°
  • Foot Rest Angle Closed: 90°
  • Foot Rest Angle Opened: 176°
  • Distance Required from Wall Reclined: 17″ (M), 18″ (L)
  • Extension Reclined from Back of Seat to End of Foot Rest: 43″
  • Life Time Warranty, Chair Frame, Lift Frame, Recline Mechanism: YES
  • Warranty on Electrical Parts: 2 Yrs.
  • Pro Rated Years 4 Thru 7: NO
  • Warranty on Mechanical Labor: 6 Mo.
  • Warranty on Electrical Labor: 6 Mo.
  • Removable Back Option Available: YES
  • Smart Tek System Standard: YES
  • Customizable: NO
  • Left Hand Control Option Available: YES
  • Extra Pocket Option Available: YES
  • Heat and Massage Option Available: YES
  • Foot Rest Extension Option Available: NO
  • Straight Lift Option Available: YES
  • User Height (suggested): 5’4″ – 5’10” (M), 5’11” – 6’2″ (L)

Best Lift Chairs Colorado – Independently Yours Medical Supply

Independently Yours Medical Supply is Colorado’s premier retail medical supply store. Family owned and operated, with three store locations across Colorado in: Parker, Louisville, and Littleton. Each of our full retail store locations are Golden Technologies Flagship Dealers for Lift Chairs. Independently Yours Parker Medical Supply has 12 Golden Technologies Lift Chairs on their store floor for customers to sit, recline, and relax in to help find the right one for them. The Louisville Independently Yours Medical Supply Store has 8 floor model Golden Technology Lift Chairs, and the Littleton Medical Supply Store has 6 Golden Technology Lift Chairs on the floor display. Each of the floor models vary in design, size and fabric so that you can see all of the different options that are available. Golden Technologies offers the largest variety of sizes, options, models, colors and fabrics when it comes to electric recliner lift chairs. From a simple 2 button and 3 function remote control lift chair to a 5 motor, fully independent control remote with infinite positioning Independently Yours Medical Supply and Golden Technologies has a chair for you. (Lift Chairs are also referred to as: stand up chairs, power recliners, electric recliners, lift chair recliner, power lift recliner stand assist chairs, electric recliner lift chairs, lift up chairs, upright chairs, get up chairs) Visit one of our locations and let our friendly and knowledgeable staff help you find your forever chair.

With all lift chair purchases in Colorado from any of our Independently Yours Medical Supply Stores, we provide free local delivery and in-home set up of the chair. Included with all lift chair purchases from Independently Yours, we provide Free Lifetime Service on all Colorado Golden Technology Lift Chair purchases. In addition the Golden’s industry leading warranty, Independently Yours provides free in-home service for your lift chair even after warranty in the event and issue or service is needed.

Free local delivery range for Lift Chair purchases include but is not limited to: Parker, Littleton, Louisville, Aurora, Castle Rock, Elizabeth, Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, Elizabeth, Franktown, Kiowa, Monument, Larkspur, Colorado Springs, Centennial, Englewood, Denver, Broomfield, Westminster, Brighton, Longmont, Thornton, Lafayette, Erie, Superior, Gunbarrel, Niwot, Fort Lupton, Northglenn, Lowry.

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