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Bath Safety

We use the bathroom every single day, usually we are in their multiple times a day. The Bathroom is the most dangerous place in your home. It is responsible for 70% of household injuries, over 200,000 accidents that easily could have been prevented. Research shows that bathroom slips and falls account for 87% of fractures in Seniors. That being said, slips and falls in the bathroom are not just for the elderly, they are just as common among children and people ages 18-25 as they are over the age of 65. Below you will find the most common places/Hot Spots where bathroom injuries occur, ways to make your bathroom safer for everyone who uses it, and a bathroom safety guideline.

Bathroom Hot Spots:

Hot Spot #1:

If you have trouble getting on and off a chair, then you are also having trouble getting on and off a toilet. An elevated toilet seat or hand rails can make all the difference in your safety, and ease of getting up and down.

Hot Sport #2:

Getting in and out of the tub or shower can be tricky. Holding onto the sink or towel rack is not a safe option either. Grab bars are the perfect solution as they can be installed almost anywhere. They provide safety, security, stability and convenience.

Hot Spot #3:

Our tub or shower is our sanctuary. But without the proper safety equipment, this is another prime spot for a bathroom injury to occur. Bath seats, hand-held shower heads and bath mats are a must.

How to Prevent Bathroom Slips and Falls

Bath or Shower:

To protect yourself when you take a bath or shower:

  • Put non-slip suction mats or rubber silicone decals in the bottom of your tub to prevent falls.
  • Use a non-skid bath mat outside the tub for firm footing.
  • If you don’t already have one, install a single lever on your faucet to mix hot and cold water together.
  • Set the temperature on your water heater to 120° F to prevent burns.
  • Sit on a bath chair or bench when taking a shower.
  • Keep the floor outside the tub or shower dry.


The Toilet


Safety Bars

  • You may need to have safety bars in your bathroom. Grab bars should be secured vertically or horizontally to the wall, not diagonally.
  • Do not use towel racks as grab bars. They cannot support your weight.
  • You will need two grab bars: one to help you get in and out of the tub, and another to help you stand from a sitting position.


Bathroom Safety Checklist (For All Ages)

___The bath or shower has non-skid mat or strips on the standing area, Safety from falling on slippery surface.

___The towel bars and the soap dish in the shower stall and bath are made of durable materials and are firmly installed.

___Bathroom has even lighting without glare.

___The light switch is located near the door of the bathroom.

___The bathroom door opens outward.

___The bathroom has a safe supplemental heat source and ventilation system.

___The outlets are ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) that protect against electric shock in the bathroom.

___Grab bars are installed on the walls of the bathroom by the bath and toilet

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